Wilson Ultra Team V3 Strung Tennis Racket Review

In this article, we will highlight the benefits and the drawbacks of Wilson Ultra Team V3 Strung Tennis Racquet. We’ve done all the research for you so that all you need to decide is if this product is the one for you. That leaves less hassle for you so that you can spend more time trying out your new racket on the court.

Wilson Ultra Team V3 Strung Tennis Racquet


What Makes This a Great Racket?

The racket is designed to have a lightweight frame which accommodates making powerful shots as well as it handles any style of playing in an excellent manner.

Wilson Ultra Team V3 Strung Tennis Racquet

The geometry of the frame also aids in the ability of the racket to handle powerful shots. The head-light balance feature suits aggressive play from all parts of the court. Crafted from high-performance carbon fiber, it promises durability and lightweight agility. Coupled with the Comfort Foam, players can expect a blend of power and comfort, optimizing their gameplay.

Along with this, the racket is designed with an easy-to-grip handle to help secure each shot. Boasting a head size of 100 and a strung weight of 10.4 (9.9 unstrung), it’s designed with a balance that leans 1 point towards being head heavy, favoring aggressive shots. With a string pattern of 16×19, it comes factory strung with WILSON Sensation 16l at a tension of 54, a popular multi-filament choice from WILSON.

The grip used on the racket is great, also you can choose on of the 2 available options:4-1/4 or 4-3/8 . Most players have stated that they experienced less arm soreness after using it. This is because the grip absorbs the vibrations of each hit in a very effective way. With this, the string tension is very much in favour of the player.

It is very comfortable to use and gives more control to the player when directing the ball. Its lightweight feature makes the racket easy to manoeuvre and swing and overall, helps in making the playing experience more pleasurable.

Any Downsides?

If you are a more advanced player, you will need to restring or re-grip the racket in order to make it better for you to use. This can be quite a time consuming and expensive. However, most advanced players have claimed that this is not entirely necessary. Although, this does come down to preference, which is very subjective.

The cost of the racket is not exactly budget-friendly. In saying this, you do get what you pay for and if you are looking for a quality tennis racket then this is for you. The features of this racket are something that you cannot find on a racket that has a lower price point.

Who Is This Racket For?

This racket is the perfect fit for intermediate to advanced players. The string tension and overall design, as stated above, are complimentary to someone that has experience in playing tennis and want to better their skills. This is because the racket offers the ability to produce powerful shots. These shots are useless if the player does not know how to control them.

For this reason, the racket would not be the best option for a beginner. With this, the racket is versatile and can accommodate players with a balanced, all-court style of play as well as an aggressive style of play due to its head-light balance structure, as mentioned above.

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Is Wilson Ultra Team V3 Strung Tennis Racket Made For You?

The Wilson Ultra Team V3 Strung Tennis Racket stands out as a premium choice for those at the intermediate to advanced levels of tennis. Its lightweight frame, combined with a distinct geometry, caters to powerful shots, while the head-light balance supports aggressive play from any court position. The grip, acclaimed for its vibration absorption, ensures reduced arm fatigue, enhancing the overall playing experience.

However, while it offers a myriad of benefits, it might require some customization for the seasoned players and comes with a price tag reflecting its high-quality features. Therefore, while not tailored for the novice, its versatility in accommodating both balanced and aggressive play styles makes it a commendable choice for those serious about elevating their game.

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