Ways to Improve Your Squash Technique

Squash, an exciting game played with two to four players, a hollow ball, and rackets, is a fun way to stay in shape. If you are new to the sport, consider incorporating some of the tips mentioned below to improve your squash skills.

1. Focus on the Basics

Always focus on the main principle of the game – send the ball as far away as possible from your opponent. It will take some time to adapt to this concept but it will soon become natural.

2. Follow the Ball

Just as in other sports, it is crucial to never take your eyes off the ball. Considering the ball moves at fast speeds, it will take practice to learn to keep a steady gaze on it. This will increase your chance of connecting with the ball and avoiding getting hit by it.

3. Keep Your Opponent Guessing

Switch up your techniques often to keep your opponent on their toes. Consider hitting the ball with varying force and coming up with creative moves to surprise your opponent and catch them off guard.

4. Boost Your Endurance

You can improve your squash game even when you are outside of the court. By building up your endurance through cardio, strength, and agility training, your court skills will automatically improve as a result.

5. Warm Up Properly

A proper warm up will reduce your chance of injury and prepare your muscles for maximum performance. Consider incorporating dynamic stretches – stretches that involve movement – into your pre-game routine.

6. Be Safe

No matter how excellent of a player you are, eye protection is a must. Between the ball flying in all directions and rackets swinging around, your eyes are at risk of being injured without proper safety glasses.

7. Utilize the Corners

Often, squash players forget about the benefits of using corners to their advantage. When the ball is sent closer to the wall, it reduces the chance of your opponent being able to return it properly.

8. Dress Appropriately

In addition to being comfortable, proper clothing can improve your performance as well.
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9. Join a Group

Another option to improve your game is joining a squash group. Meeting with other players that enjoy the game can help you learn new tips for maximizing your skills.

10. Pay Attention to Your Pace

Rather than using up all your energy right away, it is essential to monitor your stamina. Rest as needed and drink water frequently.

11. Work Smarter, Not Harder

By choosing a strategic position, such as the center of the court, you can put in minimal effort while requiring your opponent to chase the ball all over. This will tire out your opponent faster while you maintain energy.

12. Be Prepared to Sweat

Squash games can get intense and it is likely you will lose a good deal of sweat during the action. Always pack a towel and a large bottle of water for staying hydrated.

13. Prioritize a Nutrient Dense Diet

A diet rich in vitamins, minerals, high-quality protein, essential fatty acids, and antioxidants and free from chemicals and processed additives will greatly boost your ability to perform well in games. Consider filling your diet with fruits and vegetables, fatty fish, nuts, and healthy carbohydrates such as brown rice.

14. Learn By Watching

An easy way to improve your game is by observing other squash games. There is a lot to learn from viewing a game including new techniques and tricks. Additionally, a variety of online videos address ways to raise your level of performance.

15. Train Your Brain

The mental aspect of squash is just as crucial as the physical part. A skilled player will possess the ability to maintain focus, analyze the opponent’s strengths and weaknesses, and react with rapid speed to unpredictable moves.

Consider incorporating several of the tips mentioned above into your squash game to improve your overall performance. Continue practicing and, most importantly, have fun in the meantime.

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  1. Hi, thanks for 15 tips to improve the squash technique. As a beginner player or still newbie, maybe i can just add some point or tips about the equipment. Talking about the ball, you need to select a ball with higher bounce level than a lower bounce level. Unless you already got your perfect fit score, i mean you are really fit enough to run and move fast. If you just a newbie better start with a blue dot ball.


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