Best Budget Friendly Entry-level Tennis Rackets

So you want to take your tennis game to the next level, but you’re not sure what is the best entry-level tennis racket. Choosing the right tennis racket is important because it can have a huge effect on your performance.

It’s important to choose a racket that suits your level of physical strength. There are many other factors to consider too, such as racket size, weight, skill level, grip size, string and tension, and your budget, to name a few.

Chances are you’re not yet ready to dish out money professional rackets yet. We spent hours researching the UK market and narrowed down our choices to a list of best entry-level tennis rackets for beginners. Not only are these are budget-friendly but also great to start your game with.

Without further delay, let’s start.

Our selection of the best entry-level tennis racket available in the UK market in 2020!

1. Head Andy Murray TI Radical 27″ Tennis Racket 

2. WILSON Energy XL Tennis Racket

3. HEAD Ti S6 Titanium Tennis Racket

4. Senston Adult 27” Tennis Racket with Premium Carry Case

5. Ultrasport Tennis Racket IZX Series

1 - Head Andy Murray TI Radical 27 Tennis Racket

Head Andy Murray TI Radical 27″ Tennis Racket
Lightweight, Great for People with Less Physical Strength

Another budget-friendly tennis racket for beginners is the Head Andy Murray TI Radical. The racket has a stylish red and grey pattern with a black handle. The head size is 690 cm2. There’s also the option to choose a specific grip size. What most people like about this racket the lightweight feel, great grip, and durable build. The default size is 1 (⅛ inch) which may be a bit too small for adults. We suggest selecting the size that best suits you.

What people love most about this racket is the level of control it provides. The firm grip and lightweight design make developing technical skills much easier. Overall, it’s a good choice for beginners because it’s budget-friendly and offers enough features to deliver great performance.

2 - WILSON Energy XL Tennis Racket

WILSON Energy XL Tennis Racket
Budget-friendly, Ideal for Complete Beginners

The Wilson Energy XL Tennis Racket is a great choice for complete beginners. This particular racket is recommended for adults or juniors, older than 12 years old. It’s yellow and weighs 1.36 kilograms, making it great for beginners. The racket also has a much larger head that provides a great sweet spot area.

Most of the people who tried this racket say it’s great for beginners and has a good feel. Not only is it durable and sturdy, but the size is XL, so it offers plenty of hitting room. The fact that it only weighs 1.30 kilos makes it perfect for people who don’t have much physical strength yet.

All in all, Wilson Energy XL is a decent racket for beginners. It’s budget-friendly and worth the price. It’s a great racket to practice with or gift to a friend. Good for teenagers too! The box usually includes a cover for the racket.

3 - HEAD Ti S6 Titanium Tennis Racket

HEAD Ti S6 Titanium Tennis Racket
Best Seller! Delivers Extra Power

Looking for something with a bit more power? The HEAD Ti S6 tennis is a great choice for beginners and intermediate players. While this racket is in the mid-range budget area, it’s perfect for beginners that want to invest in a solid racket.

The Head TI S6 is black, made from graphite and titanium, and has a 742 square cm head size. The large head size offers great control and less room for blunders.

While the racket is a little heavier than usual, the added weight enhances the power. The grip is very firm too, so there’s no need to worry about the racket slipping or twisting in your hands. One thing to keep in mind is this racket is not suitable for young children.

The bottom line: Once you get used to this racket, it can dramatically improve your tennis performance. Recommended for intermediates and beginners alike.

4 - Senston Adult 27 Tennis Racket with Premium Carry Case

Senston Adult 27” Tennis Racket with Premium Carry Case
Lightweight, Many Versions Available

The Senston 27” is an aesthetically-pleasing racket tennis racket. You can choose between a wide range of colours, patterns, and grip-sizes. This particular model caters to beginners who want a decent mid-range racket, something not too cheap or too pricey.

While this racket is quite light, it packs a punch. Made from graphite fibres, the racket is sturdy, and lightweight, making it perfect for women and men alike. It’s also very well balanced. Senston has various versions of this product, so there’s no doubt you’ll find something that suits your tastes and needs. Overall, a great entry-level tennis racket. Vibration dampeners are included in some sets.

5 - Ultrasport Tennis Racket IZX Series

Ultrasport Tennis Racket IZX Series
Carbon/Aluminum blend makes a steady, reliable racket

The Ultrasport IZX tennis racket comes in three different weights ranging from 260 grams to 310 grams, though even the heaviest weight would be considered light enough for a beginner player. The frame is made with a blend of carbon and aluminium that provides solid durability without making the racket feel heavy, and also helps keep the price extremely reasonable. The racket face is slightly enlarged from the standard tennis racket to create a more forgiving sweet spot.

Coming pre-strung and with a comfortable grip, this racket is the perfect place to start to get a beginner player out on the court and give him or her a real feel for the game, with the durability to last a long time.

How to Choose Your Entry-Level Tennis Racket

So you’re looking to get into tennis, but you’re not sure how to choose a racket. If you’re new to the sport, you might think most tennis rackets look the same, and any will do the trick. That’s not necessarily the case. In this guide, you’ll learn how to find the perfect entry-level tennis racket for you.

What is My Tennis Grip Size?

One of the most important factors of tennis rackets is the grip size. If the tennis racket’s grip is too small, you’ll be more likely to lose control. Likewise, if it’s too large, you won’t feel comfortable, and you’ll spend more energy on each stroke. Not to worry, figuring out what size is best for you is easy.

To start, find a ruler or measuring tape. Next, place one end of the ruler on the tip of your ring finger and measure down to your hand’s bottom lateral crease (the area across from your thumb’s second joint, a bit below the centre of your palm). The distance from the tip of your ring finger to that area is your grip-size, usually measured in inches.

In Europe, the measurements are based on a scale from one to six and measured in millimetres. Size zero in Europe would be 4” and six would be 4” ¾ inches. These are the most common grip sizes, and it’s very easy to find a suitable racket that fits your hand size.

How to find your tennis racquet grip size infographic

What Is The Best Tennis Racket Weight For a Beginner?

While you might assume a light racket is best, that’s not necessarily the case. Lightweight rackets are great for beginners and people that don’t have much physical strength. The downside is you have to swing them harder to deliver more power.

On the other hand, if the racket is too heavy it will be too difficult to use, and you’ll run out of energy much quicker. You also risk overshooting the swing which can cause just as many problems.

The trick is to find a weight that matches your level of physical strength. I recommend a middle ground, a racket that’s heavy enough to deliver power, but light enough for control. You might have to test out a few rackets to find your ideal weight.

What About Racket Head Size?

Generally, a larger racket head size makes it easier to hit the racket’s sweet spot. There will be fewer blunders, and you’ll be more accurate.

On the other hand, if the head size is too large, it might throw the weight off balance. For beginners, it’s recommended to find a racket with a head size between 95 and 110 square cm. In most cases, 100 square cm is good enough.

Aim for Quality:

When it comes to choosing an entry-level tennis racket, most beginners will buy any cheap racket to test out.

While you probably do need to test a few rackets to find your ideal style, it helps to focus more on racket quality. We recommend aiming for the mid-range rackets because they’re more durable and stable.

Overall, you shouldn’t stress too much about buying an entry-level tennis racket. Choose the one that suits your immediate needs (grip-size, style, weight, etc) and take it from there.

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