Best tennis and squash socks: our reviews

Experienced tennis and squash players know full and well that the quality of their socks has a very real impact on your potential to perform. If you’re not vigilant about making sure that your socks are up to standard, then you run the risk of letting your performance slide at a crucial moment in the game due to discomfort or a lack of support. The right quality of tennis and squash socks will not only be more comfortable and efficient but smell better too. The following are some of the best socks for tennis and squash on the market.

Our selection of the best 2018

tennis and squash socks reviewed!

1 – Head Performance Crew Socks
2 – Under Armour Men’s Heat Gear Crew Socks
3 – Adidas Men’s Rg Y-3 Id So M Socks
1 - Head Performance Crew Socks

Head Performance Crew Socks

The highest quality of performance socks isn’t just useful for one specific kind of sport, but valuable as all-purpose support enhancers in a wide range of different activities. Head Performance crew socks have been specially designed to be dependable not only in tennis and squash games but in all sports that they can be worn in. With these socks, you have a dependable and comfortable form of foot support that can be benefited from in any ground-based athletic activity you engage in.

The tops of these socks are have been specially designed for an ergonomic fit. Thanks to the socks composition, there’s no need to worry about them leaving marks on the skin after extended wear.

These socks are made in a technical blend of polyester and cotton, allowing you to keep your feet dry even at the highest levels of exertion during the game. The socks regulate your foot temperature with a specially designed air channel, their arch support keeps the consistently in place throughout all of the dynamic pivots and bursts throughout the game.

2 - Under Armour Men's Heat Gear Crew Socks

Under Armour Men’s Heat Gear Crew Socks

One of the most inconvenient issues that players of all levels run into on the court is unmitigated sweat buildup; however, Under Armour Men’s Heat Gear Crew Socks have been specially designed to do away with this inconvenience. These socks have been specially designed with a useful Moisture Transport System that wicks the sweat away from the skin as your body produces it, keeping your feet comfortably dry as the game progresses and intensifies.

Equally valuable to the socks’ moisture mitigation abilities is its anti-odour technology. Thanks to its anti-odour capabilities, these socks actively prevent the buildup of troublesome microbes that generate offensive odours over time.

To work against fatigue that builds up in your arches as the game wages on, these socks are especially embedded with arch support. In conjunction with the arch support are the contoured “Y” heel and seamless toe, keeping the fit both comfortable and supportive all the way.

3 - Adidas Men's Rg Y-3 Id So M Socks

Adidas Men’s Rg Y-3 Id So M Socks

In the same manner, as the Moisture Transport System, the climatic fabric constitution of these Adidas socks spares you the problem of excess sweat buildup over the course of the game. With diminished sweat moisture, these socks remain comfortable dry and light on your feet so that the general “feel” of your footing can remain consistently normal.

These socks have been designed to address the slightly subtle but highly potentially irritating issue of excess friction. These socks feature a flat toe seam, and with it, the overall degree of friction is reduced to a degree that keeps it from being unbearably uncomfortable to the point of hurting your performance.

At the same time that the flat toe seam prevents painful friction from getting out of control, the socks’ embedded arch support keeps your arch securely stabilized throughout the game.

Tennis Socks

What to look for when looking for tennis and squash socks

When you’re thinking of the right socks for tennis and squash to invest in, the first and most important thing to think of is their degree of supportive value. No matter how athletically gifted you may be as a player, your lower extremities will still suffer the same gradual consequence of bearing the intense gravitational loads while generating force.

Socks that have the right degree of support will give you a potentially vital edge in being able to compensate for the increased difficulty of staying in top form as the game wears on.

In addition, to support, you’ll want to look into the material of the socks to check for several potentially helpful qualities. Depending on the material, certain performance socks have the temperature-regulating power to wick away excess moisture that builds with higher heat generation.

Regulated temperate and diminished sweat production will keep your feet remain dry and comfortable, keeping your mind free from being clouded by the stress of discomfort.

Frequently asked questions about tennis and squash socks

What is the best material for tennis and squash socks to be made out of?

The highest-calibre performance socks aren’t universally made from the same blend of fabric, but each will be specially designed to some effect for regulating temperate, working against moisture buildup, and keeping your feet comfortable in general.

Does sock support really impact your performance that much?

In a competition between two tennis or squash players of nearly identical skill, experience and willpower, the deciding factor in determining the victor can come down to surprisingly subtle variables – the choice in socks, naturally, can be this subtle decisive factor. A player who has just 1 percent more support and foot comfort at a pivotal moment in the game, when both they and their opponent are approaching their physical limits, may have that minuscule bit of superior support to thank for their ability to overcome.