5 Best Squash Shoes: Comprehensive Buying Guide

Like every other sport, having the right equipment is detrimental to a good squash game. Squash is a game that requires players to be able to turn at breakneck speed, accelerate quickly as well as a stop at a moment’s notice. This must be achieved while ensuring that one remains courteous to the other player and safe. Squash shoes have to be durable, light, comfortable and have the ability to support one for long periods of time. That said, below we answer the question:

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5 Best Squash Shoes

Here comes the full review of the 5 best squash shoes available on the market:

1. Adidas Essence – Best Budget Squash Shoes

This lightweight and comfortable sports shoe by Adidas is designed to provide an optimal balance of excellent abrasion resistance, traction and flexibility.

It includes AdiTuff ™ Technology toe protection from dragging your foot when playing squash. Cloudfoam sockliner provides lightweight support to the midfoot. The heel section of the shoes comes with extra padding for comfort and support.

The shoe comes with a low profile Adiwear ® Technology, an extremely durable non-marking rubber allowing lots of grip and traction for quick changes of direction.  In all, the Adidas Essence Indoor Mens Squash Shoes is certainly built to endure the most intense movements.

Material: Rubber/synthetic
Weight: N/A
Heel to toe drop: Not specified

2. Head Grid – Well-priced, Mid-range Indoor Court Shoe

HEAD Men's Grid 2.0 Low Racquetball/Squash Indoor Court Shoes (Non-Marking) (Black/White) 7.5 (D) US
  • Great for any Indoor Court: Racquetball, Squash, Badminton, Pickleball, Volleyball
  • Synthetic Leather Upper
  • Air Mesh Upper

The HEAD Grid 2.0 is a mid-range indoor court shoe that’s suitable for competitive players. It was built based on the feedback and success of the original grid.

The tweaks made are meant to provide added support to the midfoot and heel. Its upper is constructed with synthetic leather with layered sections as well as secure stitching. This provides support and helps secure the shoe to the foot. Also, feature on the upper is air mesh, which allows for ventilation and keeps the feet dry during your game. The HEAd Grid comes with a low profile EVA midsole that cushions impact well.

It is bridged by a midfoot shank that teams with the EVA to reduce torsional twist of the foot due to uneven landings as well as reduce weight. The outsole is made with natural gum rubber and provides a high tacky grip on an indoor court surface.

Material: Rubber/synthetic leather
Weight: 2 pounds
Heel to toe drop: Not specified

3. Salming Viper 5 – Close-to-the-Ground Court Feel

These shoes are perfect for players who like to use a little more power in their playing style. Engineered to be fast and agile, and low profile design, the Salming Viper will give you unparalleled “close to the court” sensation.

This current delivery from a long series of popular shoes, the 5th in its series, comes with new upper material, the trademarked ViperSKIN, a very lightweight combination of different synthetic materials designed to mold to the shape of the feet and provide stability and comfort.  – The RollBar, The LMS and LMS Plus 11° are all patent technologies present in this shoe.

Additionally, the Salming Viper 5 has the new RunLite2 midsole foam which offers a lighter and more energy return. These shoes are great for hard-nosed players who like to really dig into their swings and make strong movements on the court.

Material: Mix

Weight: 363 g

Heel to toe drop: n/a


4. Hi-Tec Squash Men Court Trainers – A classic

These trainers are classic, having been around in one edition or another for over 40 years. Known as the original squash shoe, this pair of shoes use a gum rubber outsole that is specially designed to give you an amazing grip on grass, clay, or concrete.

The upper is made from a combination of leather, suede, and fitted mesh, giving you the confidence that your feet will stay comfortable and cool no matter how long your squash match lasts. You can rest assured your fit will be very secure thanks to the punched eyelets, and the EVA midsole is there to offer even more stability as well as support and underfoot cushioning.

With these shoes, you can give it your all on the court without worrying about common injuries like rolled ankles or jammed toes.

Material: Gum rubber/Leather Nubuck/Leather Suede/ Textile

Weight: n/a

Heel to toe drop: n/a

5. FitVille Mens Squash Shoe – Extra Wide  

FitVille Men‘s Wide Pickleball Shoes All Court Tennis Shoes with Arch Support for Plantar Fasciitis (White, 7 Wide)
  • NEW DESIGN: Casual tennis shoes, simple and straightforward , full coverage of...
  • UPPER: Fashionable mesh and super soft microfiber upper. Anti-odor technology and...
  • WIDE & EXTRA WIDE: FitVille sneakers are made especially for those with wider feet,...

FitVille has managed to carve out a niche for itself with its innovative approach to squash footwear. The shoes’ new casual design is a breath of fresh air in the world of sports shoes, encapsulating all the essentials required for athletic activities while still being perfect for daily leisurely sports.

The integration of fashionable mesh with super soft microfiber in the upper is not only aesthetically pleasing but also functionally brilliant. The anti-odor technology ensures your feet remain odor-free, while the breathability aspect keeps them dry and cool throughout rigorous play sessions.

Perhaps what sets FitVille apart from its competitors is the commitment to inclusivity. Recognizing the need for shoes that cater to broader feet, FitVille’s wide fit design ensures comfort, especially for those who often find regular shoes confining. The freedom of movement offered is an absolute game-changer, ensuring you stay comfortable throughout the day.

The honeycomb insole, combined with the Ortholite material, plays a dual role of cushioning the feet and providing that much-needed support, especially during intense matches.

But it’s not just the insole that stands out. The dual density EVA material and the anti-torsion TPU rubber of the outsoles provide commendable shock absorption. This, combined with the non-slip design, ensures top-notch agility on the court, allowing players to give their best performance on any surface.

Material: Suede & Fabric/ Inner Material: Mesh/ Sole: Rubber

Weight: n/a

Heel to toe drop: mid heel

Squash Shoes Buying Guide

Squash players often wonder what apparel is best for the sport or what the top racket is. Although these are important aspects to consider, one of the most crucial concerns to address is footwear. The proper shoes can make a significant impact on your overall comfort, decrease your chance of injury, and improve your performance.

What to Avoid

Often, players opt to use running shoes during games. This is a dangerous choice since running shoes are specially designed for forward, straight movements as opposed to the sideways and backward motions required in squash.

Also, running shoes usually have sharp edges along their soles. If you suddenly change direction on the court, these edges can become hooked on the floor and result in an ankle injury. Yet another issue with running shoes is their thick sole which can lead to instability.

Respect the Floor

Another factor to be considerate of when choosing squash footwear is the unfinished floor on the court. To avoid marking up the light floors, shoes need to be non-marking. The best option is a shoe with a gum rubber sole and rounded edges, often referred to as squash, volleyball, or indoor court shoes. It is also important to wear separate shoes to and from the court to avoid damaging the grip on your squash shoes.

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Tips for Finding a Perfect Fit

When trying on squash shoes, consider the following tips in order to ensure a proper fit. The following information will help you find a comfortable shoe:

Foot Shape

First, analyze your feet and determine their characteristics such as how wide or narrow they are. If your feet are wide at the toes but more narrow at the ankles, you will require a shoe that is specially designed to allow your toes to move without being tight and an ankle area that is still secure.

Wider ankles will need to steer clear of narrow shoes since they will limit movement and prohibit proper blood flow. Varying brands offer models to accommodate a range of foot shapes. Hi-Tec usually features a standard ankle width and a wider toe area. Both Nike and Adidas are generally more narrow. Asics and Head are more standard in both toe width and ankle width.


With squash shoes, it is important to get your exact size, not a size up. Too much extra room will cause slippage, blisters, and unwelcome movement. Ideally, squash shoes will be comfortably secure but not overly tight.

Aim to have roughly half a thumbnail between the top of your biggest toe and the inside of the shoe. Some of this space will be taken up by court socks. Initially, shoes should feel rather tight but then loosen up to the perfect fit after a few games.

In addition to choosing the correct size, be to sure tie laces comfortably but not too tight. If the laces are overly tight, this can cause foot swelling during games. To avoid making the laces too tight, arch your foot as you tie up your shoes.


Adequate cushioning is essential if you play squash frequently. Additional cushioning is also important with increased age or heavier players. Thick padding helps cushion the knees and hips from the frequent impacts that occur during games.

In general, the more often you play squash, the higher the quality of shoes you should consider purchasing. Playing more than three times each week justifies the need for a premium squash shoe. A top quality shoe will improve your game and help protect your body against injury during impacts caused by lunging and dodging.


If a squash shoe lacks proper padding, consider adding sports insoles to increase the level of cushioning. To ensure proper performance, it is important not to increase the padding too far beyond the original insoles.

It is common for insoles to feature a deep heel cup but this can cause heel slippage if the insole causes the foot to be higher than it should be. If you suffer from high arches or flat feet and shoes are causing pain in your back, feet, knees, hips, or ankles, consider seeking out specialized corrective insoles designed for sports.


For an increase in padding, comfort, and protection, it is possible to wear thicker socks with your squash shoes. However, be careful to avoid socks that are too thick as these can decrease your ability to properly sense and respond to the floor of the court.

Both Coolmax and Dri-Fit offer socks that help wick away moisture, prevent slipping, and decrease the risk of blisters. High-quality, well-designed sports socks with adequate arch support also help reduce fatigue in the foot and ankle area.


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Which Squash Shoes Will You Choose?

In the realm of squash shoes, there’s a clear distinction among the top contenders. The Adidas Essence provides an optimal balance of features on a budget, ensuring both flexibility and durability. The HEAD Grid 2.0, with its mid-range pricing, offers both support and durability, tailored for competitive players. The Salming Viper 5 stands out for those desiring a close-to-the-court feel, merging agility with cutting-edge technologies. The Hi-Tec Squash Men Court Trainers have remained a classic for over 40 years, offering reliability and legacy. However, if comfort and innovative design are top priorities, especially for those with wider feet, the FitVille Mens Squash Shoe is hard to beat.

Ultimately, the best choice hinges on individual preferences and playing style, but each of these options promises to enhance your game on the court.



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