Best Squash Rackets

The racket is another important piece of equipment that every squash player should have. And while the variations make it difficult for one to make an informed choice, knowing which features to look for helps a great deal. The best squash rackets reviewed below were chosen based on several characteristics including overall weight, head shape, balance point and more. Our selections are by no means final authority and are only meant to guide you to help you sort through the vast number of options.

Best squash rackets

1 – HEAD Nano Ti Spector 2.0 Squash Racket

2 – Wilson H120 Squash Racquet

3 – Browning Nanotec Ti 120

4 – Head Nano Ti110

5 – Head Microgel 125

Our reviews + top things to look for if want to buy (read on…)

1 - HEAD Nano Ti Spector 2.0 Squash Racket

HEAD Nano Ti Spector 2.0 Squash Racket

With a weight of 6.9 ounces and string pattern of 14×19, the Head Nano Ti Spector 2.0 racket is one of the best rackets for squash on the market. It comes with a 75.2 square inch head that is strung with the Synthetic Gut string, thus allowing for great playability. This model is head light, making it easy for the player to move the racket fast as well as play reaction shots more effectively.
Nano Titanium Technology is also integrated. This basically involves the use of racket structure at a molecular level that’s integrated with Nanomaterial. The Nanomaterial helps strengthen the Titanium weaves. Other benefits of this technology include more stability and power. Integrated Frame Dampening, as well as Air Wing Technology, are also used. The IFD involves the use of rubber inlays between the frame and bridge to dampen the vibrations as well as prevent arm injuries. On the other hand, the AWT allows for the ability to hit the ball harder and increase racket speed by lowering air resistance. Read the full review.

2 - Wilson H120 Squash Racquet

Wilson H120 Squash Racquet

The Wilson H120 Squash is one of the most popular racquets from Wilson. It only weighs 120 grams but is very strong and can take on years of rigorous use. Its main highlight is the Wilson Hyper Hammer technology that allows for all playing styles. The head has a flattened shape that allows for maximum feel and power, even for shots that are tight to the wall. The head size is 77 square inches and has a string pattern that measures 14 by 21.
Other notable features include a 23-millimetre sledge taper and balance of 380mm thus head heavy. It is strung with the Wilson Sensation Strike string and is made of graphite as well as hyper carbon. The purchase also includes a full headcover.

3 - Browning Nanotec Ti 120

Browning Nanotec Ti 120

Browning is a name that’s well-known in the world of sports equipment. Their Nanotec Ti 120 is one of their best-selling squash rackets and understandably so. It comes with a frame weight of 120 grams, which is normal among other models. The construction utilizes 100% Nano Carbon Titanium, which helps strengthen the weaves. This technology also allows for more power and stability, allowing for all play styles. In addition, the Nano Carbon Titanium allows for lightness. The widebody frame gives the player power during the game while the titanium string provides added durability. Another notable feature is the Airtech grip, which offers extra hand comfort. A full-length head cover is provided to help protect the racquet when it’s not in use.

4 - Head Nano Ti110

Head Nano Ti110

What makes the Head Nano Ti 110 racquet is that it offers a perfect blend of precision, durability and power. Constructed with 100% Nano Titanium Carbon, you can rest assured that this racquet provides exceptional strength in a lightweight package. A powerful string pattern goes a long way towards delivering more power. Enlarged grommets at 9 o’clock and 3 o’clock on the racket help widen the sweetspot, thus enhancing power. The head has a size of 77.5 square inches while the head heavy racquet weighs 3.8 ounces. It is strung with Head Synthetic Gut, which is known for its strength and ability to bounce the ball. The string pattern has a size of 14 x 18 while the balance is 360mm. Overall, the Head Nano Ti 110 will prove a great tool for playing squash.

5 - Head Microgel 125

Head Microgel 125

This squash racquet is constructed with one of the lightest materials. This is achieved with the HEAD Microgel Technology, which utilizes a revolutionary silicone-based material. It combines Microgel with carbon fibre that is strong and stiff, thus creating a racquet with exceptional responsive qualities. The Microgel material does a great job of distributing the impact load around the frame, hence providing superior and rock solid feel. Its string pattern is 12×17 while the beam is 20mm. Other features include an overall length of 27 inches, head size of 500 square centimetres, unstrung balance of 370mm and frame weight of 4.4 ounces.

Squash Raquets

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