How to Spin the Ball in Wii Tennis

Wii Tennis is a great game to play, especially with friends. What makes it even better is being able to play better than your friends! To do with this, you will need to know all the skills used in playing Wii Tennis. One of these skills is spinning the ball. This is a pretty advanced skill, but do not worry. We have got you covered. Follow the easy steps provided below to get you playing like a complete pro.

How to Spin the Ball:

  1. Hold the remote comfortably in your most dominant hand. Make sure your wrist is loosened. We recommend you do rotate wrist movements to warm up your wrists before trying to spin the ball. This reduces the risk of you accidentally hurting your wrist.
  2. Timing is important. Make sure that you hit the ball early while it is in the air.
  3. During the process of hitting the ball, roll your wrist forward. This will give the ball topspin. If you wish to give the ball a backspin, you should roll your wrist backwards. Hence, the need to warm up your wrists to prevent injury as you will be using them a lot for this movement.
    Something important you need to remember is that practice makes perfect. To master this skill, you need to practice the movement regularly. If you are struggling to perfect this skill, we have you covered. We’ve researched some other skills that will get you playing Wii Tennis well. These are listed below for you to take a look at.

Back to Basics:

  • Use the Wii Tennis Training feature to help you practice all the Wii Tennis hacks and help you get familiar with the feel of the Wii-mote. This feature is great for timing your swings, targeting the balls, and returning balls.
  • Have a powerful serve. To achieve a great serve, you need to hit the ball at its peak. Why is a great serve so important? This is important because if you can give a hard serve, you will end up winning most of your service games, and who does not want that?
  • The way you swing your racquet makes a huge difference. If you swing the Wii-mote too early, the ball will go more left. If you swing it later, the ball will go more right. This is all assuming you play with the Wii-mote in your right hand. However, if you are left-handed, the outcomes can just be reversed. In saying this, if you swing the ball either too early, or too late, you would either miss the ball or hit it out of bounds. Both of which we would want to avoid.
  • Hit the ball at the net. This will give you an undeniable advantage. If you hit the ball with the front player quickly, you will take your opponent off-guard or will hit the ball at a wide enough angle that it cannot hit back. The end result is that you gain a point that will help your overall performance.

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