What Shoes Are Best To Play Padel?

A player’s game is supported by proper equipment such as racquets, shoes, and balls. As padel requires agility and constant movement, wearing the right shoes are essential to prevent injuries and support the player’s motion. With so many options available today, choosing the right footwear can be confusing for a beginner. This is why we have created a guide with our top picks of padel shoes that should help you decide.

Our top picks

ASICS Gel-Padel Pro 3 SG Shoes

Product key selling point: Gel cushioning system that provides exceptional comfort at an affordable price range

Crafted to provide Tennis players with cushioning and support, the Gel Padel Pro 3 Clay is our pick of the season. The upper features a combination of synthetic leather and mesh that makes the shoe breathable, which is essential if you tend to sweat a lot. The midsole uses ASICS patented GEL cushioning system and a Trussic system to give the shoe superior comfort and stability on the court. The outsole features a herringbone tread making it suitable for use on a clay court or hard court tennis. Available in two colour options, we would consider this shoe to be a solid, lightweight option.

Wilson Men’s Kaos Comp Tennis Shoes

Product key selling point: Allows for good lateral stability even in slippery courts due to its 2D-FS technology

An edgy looking shoe, this Koas Tennis Comp is great for those looking for a speedy and lightweight feel. The upper features synthetic fabric that brings flexibility to the shoe without feeling stuffy inside. The Endofit technology in the shoe wraps your foot in securely to keep you steady on your feet. Being reinforced in key areas of the shoe, you can be assured that the shoe will last long. The R-DST+ midsole with the Dynafit technology is responsible for the comfortable feel of the shoe. Meanwhile, the outsole with its zonal tread pattern allows for an excellent grip when making aggressive changes of direction. Because of its exceptional cushioning and comfortable feel, customers reported a minimal break-in period.

Adidas Mens G26829 Courtjam Bounce Multicourt

Product key selling point: Bounce technology adds spring to the step while the extended outsole provides protection against toe dragging

Designed for the more serious club players, the Adidas CourtJam Bounce brings a combination of lightweight with comfort. This model features an ADIDAS-special Vamp construction in its upper using mesh and TPU. This brings great ventilation and flexibility to the shoe while ensuring the upper remains durable. The midsole features the famous Bounce technology that is responsible for the ‘cloud-like’ comfort and soft landings. The outsole features an Adiwear rubber with a unique herringbone tread pattern to provide solid traction and durability on any court surface.

Buyers Guide

What Characteristics Should You Look For

Flexibility of the shoe:

When it comes to flexibility of the shoe, you want to look for a shoe that will Bend through the sole of the foot and toes of the foot. Since you’re pivoting and accelerating a lot, you need to be able to bend your foot. if you can’t bend your toes or your feet then you end up not being able to engage your calf muscle and therefore it’s very difficult to accelerate on the court.

Width of the shoe:

Now, this is something that you are doing a lot of lateral movement in paddle so you want to make sure that it’s a comfortable fit around your feet and there’s not too much space. The best way to do this is to try it on if you feel like your foot is slipping inside the shoe then that’s not the right shoe for you.


This is the most important characteristic when it comes to the paddle core. The outsole is responsible for the grip, and it needs to bring stability of the player. Below are the most common kinds of outsole patterns:

The omni type is recognized by “dots” in the outsole which are deep enough not to slip on artificial grass. This kind of sole is great for beginners to the same and for amateur players. It helps players move around the court constantly and even supports abrupt movements.

The herringbone sole features a set of parallel lines in a Zig-Zag pattern and is found in many Tennis shoes. You will not find the grip in these shoes to be lacking and you shouldn’t worry about slipping. Made of a combination of several materials, this kind of sole is more abrasion-resistant over other soles. We would recommend this sole for courts with a lot of sand on the surface as it can reduce the stress on the knee joint.

Mixed soles are a combination of the other two types of soles. You can find the Omni sole prominent in the front of the sole and uses a Spikelet pattern in order to facilitate sliding to reach the fastballs.

Types of Soles


Why Should You Play Padel With Specific Shoes?
Padel is quite different from other sports in the way that it is played on artificial grass filled with artificial grass. This means the chances of slipping without proper shoes on are quite high. Shoes created for Paddling have a shape to provide a strong grip, lateral stability, support, and cushioning and prevent shocks from heel strikes.

Can I wear running or gym shoes?
Running shoes tend to be light and responsive, that makes it tempting to choose for padel. However, they are optimized for speed and to keep the runner in a forward motion. You will find that the average running shoe does not provide exceptional lateral support since it would add unnecessary weight.
While Padel shoes need to provide balance in all four directions: left, right, forward, backward and support sharp turns and movements. So if you use a running shoe, you are likely to roll an ankle or put undue stress on your joints.

How Often Should You Replace Your Padel Shoes?
If you play 2-3 times a week, on average you would need to replace your shoes every 6 months. However, the best way is to check the outsole and if it is wearing away or the tread is losing its depth, you would need to replace the shoe.

How To Find The Right Size?
Most of us end of wearing a shoe size that is not the right size for us which brings a host of other problems along with it. The perfect shoe has a minimum of 1/2 inch space between your longest toe and the edge of your shoe. The shoe box should have enough room to allow your toes to wriggle.
Measure your feet while wearing padel socks, while you are sitting down. Measure the width by holding the tape between the two widest points of your foot. Calculate the length by similarly measuring between your longest toe and your heel.

How to Extend the Life of Padel Shoes?
Most of us are guilty of wearing shoes without unlacing them first, but this doing so can change the shape of the heel and eventually loosen the glue holding the shoe together. So make sure you’re wearing shoes by unlacing them first.
Minimize machine washing your Padel shoes as much as possible. The constant tumbling can be hard on the material of the shoe.
Avoid using dryers or other sources of direct heat on your shoe when they get wet. This is because the intense heat can dry out the glue used to hold the shoe together and cause the shoe to fall apart. Air-dry your shoes as much as possible.

How To Clean Padel Shoes?
It’s tempting to just shove the shoe in a washing machine but it will shorten the lifespan of the shoe. The recommended way is to use a small soft-bristled brush to remove dirt from the outsole and a damp cloth soaked in warm water and soap to clean the upper.
Find similar products to see what are the top questions from consumers regarding padel shoes and write a few of them under a separate subtitle and subsection.

Top Brands

There are many popular and accredited sports shoe manufacturers that have begun making quality shoes for padel. While researching the best brands, we have analyzed big name shoe companies including but not limited to.

ASICS: Originally named as the company Onitsuka Co, this brand has humble beginnings in Kobe, Japan. The founder started out making basketball shoes in his home and are widely recognized for their affordable running shoes today. ASICS has the most variety in paddle shoes today and we especially enjoyed their Gel Resolution series.

Adidas: Founded in Germany in 1924, Adidas is one of the most recognized sporting brands in the world. Their padel line is quite popular and players like Álex Ruiz O Marta Ortega prefer them over other brands.

Wilson: Established in 1913, this Chicago-based brand has products for an extensive list of sports including badminton, baseball, basketball, softball, golf, racquetball, soccer, paddle, platform tennis, squash, tennis and volleyball.

Nike: A household name today, Nike began as Blue Ribbon Sports in 1964. Nike has established itself as a pioneer in shoes, especially for short & long-distance running, basketball and tennis. They have been favoured by many pros including the likes of Serena Williams, Maria Sharapova, Rafael Nadal, and Roger Federer.

Babolat: Founded in 1875, this French company is best its strings and tennis racquets. Babolat today has great equipment for beginner padel players.

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