5 Best Padel Rackets for Tennis Elbow [Epicondylitis] 2023

Padel Rackets for Tennis Elbow (Epicondylitis) can be a game-changer for those struggling with elbow inflammation.  You’ve landed on the right page if you’re seeking the optimal racquets to combat this issue!

Battling this troublesome condition could jeopardize a player’s career if not addressed promptly. While no racquet can magically erase the pain, certain designs are crafted to significantly reduce its onset or severity.

This guide delves into the top-performing padel racquets tailored for epicondylitis, commonly referred to as “tennis elbow.” Our aim is to help you discover the perfect fit for your padel sessions, ensuring comfort and reduced strain. Also I will present you the best tennis elbow braces and give some useful information on how to choose your padel racket for epicondylitis.

Let’s explore these 5 potential game-savers!

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5 Best Padel Rackets For Tennis Elbow (Epicondylitis)

A padel racket for the player who suffer from epicondylitis is preferably lightweight and soft.

Here are my 5 favorite padel rackets for tennis elbow:


Adidas Adipower Ctrl Lite 3.1

Adidas Adipower CTRL LITE 3.1 2022 Padel
6 Reviews
Adidas Adipower CTRL LITE 3.1 2022 Padel
  • Length: 455 mm; Thickness: 38 mm
  • Weight: 360 – 375 g
  • Centre sweet spot: Round racket shape for control on every shot

Adidas, a renowned brand for its control-centric paddles, has outdone itself with this particular model. It’s distinctively soft, and this softness isn’t just limited to its touch but also its technical specifications. With a weight that’s among the lowest in its class (excluding the ultra-light models) and an inner EVA rubber that leans towards softness, this paddle isn’t about raw power. Instead, it’s designed for maximum comfort, all while being attractively priced. Also, this model in particular has the main characteristic of being incredibly soft from every point of view.

Delving deeper into its specifications, it’s crafted for advanced players, boasting a grip size of 4 3/8 inches. The material components include Aluminated Carbon Fiber and EVA, with both the frame and shaft constructed from durable Carbon Fiber. Weighing in at 360 kilograms, it’s tailored for adults. Key technical details include a round technique category, a weight range of 360-375g, and a length of 455mm with a 38mm profile. The balance stands at 265mm, and the frame surface encompasses 460 cm^2. This Adidas paddle truly embodies a perfect blend of craftsmanship and player-centric design.


Head Zephyr UL 

Head Zephyr UL 228222
534 Reviews
Head Zephyr UL 228222
  • HEAD SIZE: 490 cm² / 75.95 sq. in
  • SHAPE: Round
  • WEIGHT: 340 g / 11.99 oz

The newest iteration of the Head Zephyr UL racket stands out as one of the most featherweight and effortlessly manageable racquets available. Note, that its lightness might not resonate with every player. Even though players with tennis elbow should opt for a lightweight racket, this one might be too lightweight to you. An excessively light racket might require you to swing harder, which can also strain the elbow. So, if normally you use a light racket, in a times when you suffer from tennis elbow issue this one will be a good choice.

Remarkably, despite its reduced weight, the racquet doesn’t compromise on power. Players can expect impressive performance, ensuring rewarding experiences on the court. This fusion of lightweight design and sustained power positions the Head Zephyr UL as a potential choice for those managing tennis elbow, but as always, individual preferences and needs should guide the final selection.


Wilson Bela Elite 

WILSON BELA Elite Padel 2 WR065611U2
31 Reviews
WILSON BELA Elite Padel 2 WR065611U2

It’s hard to discuss the best rackets against epicondylitis without highlighting Wilson, particularly for its superior comfort and unmatched shock absorption capabilities. The Wilson Bela Elite, named after the renowned padel player Fernando “Bela” Belasteguín, might not be the most docile racket available, but it certainly stands out as one of the most arm-friendly.

This racket deftly balances power and control, thanks to its teardrop shape. The EVA foam core ensures that vibrations and shocks are efficiently absorbed, yet without compromising on power. This synergy of features not only makes it ideal for those combating tennis elbow but also caters to a spectrum of players, from intermediate to advanced.

The construction quality of the Wilson Bela Elite is evident in its graphite frame, emphasizing durability and court responsiveness. Its design reflects a culmination of Wilson’s commitment to excellence and Bela’s legendary stature in the padel world. For those seeking a racket that provides an optimal blend of power, comfort, and value, the Wilson Bela Elite emerges as a top contender.


HEAD Evo Speed

HEAD EVO Speed 2023 226403
456 Reviews
HEAD EVO Speed 2023 226403
  • HEAD EVO SPEED 2023 226403

The HEAD Evo Speed padel racket is a perfect choice for those with tennis elbow, given its soft construction and lightweight design. Crafted with beginners in mind, this teardrop-shaped racket offers a harmonious blend of comfort, power, and attack speed, ensuring a smooth introduction to paddle tennis. Its oversized sweet spot combined with a fiberglass strike surface ensures a forgiving and soft feel, which is enhanced by its soft foam core.

One of its standout features is the Innegro technology, which promises superior levels of shock absorption and stability. This is achieved through the integration of the hybrid composite structure of HEAD Innegra into the racket. Boasting a weight of 365g and a head size of 200 cm², its design ensures ease of play and maximum comfort. All in all, the HEAD Evo Speed is your go-to racket for a seamless and powerful transition into the world of paddle tennis.


Babolat Technical Vertuo

Babolat Technical Vertuo Easy Power Padel Racket
6 Reviews
Babolat Technical Vertuo Easy Power Padel Racket
  • EASY POWER: The soft fibers used on the rackets surface provide a power without...
  • MANEUVERABILITY, TOLERANCE, PRECISION AND COMFORT: The light weight of the racket...
  • SMART BUTTCAP TECHNOLOGY: A system that makes the belt removable for easy wash or...

The Babolat Technical Vertuo padel racket is tailor-made for the technically skilled player who demands precision and power in every strike. Designed to enhance attack strokes with both dynamic power and pinpoint accuracy, it truly stands out. What sets the Technical Vertuo apart, especially for those with tennis elbow, is its Vibrabsorb system.

Incorporating the SMAC system, the racket is embedded with a new elastomer material in its graphite core, ensuring superior vibration absorption. This results in increased comfort upon ball impact, substantially minimizing the risk of injury. The Black EVA foam adds to the racket’s appeal, bestowing players with amplified power while offering utmost comfort. Moreover, the unique holes pattern system guarantees optimal power transmission and enhanced precision during ball rebounds.

Weighing on the lighter side and constructed with softer materials, the Technical Vertuo reduces arm fatigue, making it a fantastic choice for prolonged gameplay. Topping it all off, this racket is a testament to Babolat’s near 150-year French legacy in sports equipment crafting, ensuring that when you hold the Technical Vertuo, you’re wielding the best of the best.


Tennis Elbow Braces

For combating epicondylitis, an effective elbow brace can be beneficial in both prevention and treatment. Actually, I wrote the whole article about elbow braces and sleeves. Check it out to find the one that will suit you better: Tennis brace or Sleeve: Which One To Choose

While braces and rackets offer relief, if you’re grappling with this condition, it’s paramount to seek guidance from a medical expert in the field. Their advice should be your primary resource.

With that in mind, let’s explore some elbow brace models that are designed to alleviate elbow discomfort and inhibit inflammation.

AGPTEK support

AGPTEK Elbow Brace for Tendonitis and Tennis Elbow 2 Pack, Tennis Golfers Elbow Support Arm Band Pain Relief Elbow Wrap Weightlifting Elbow Strap with Compression Pad for Men & Women
7,493 Reviews
AGPTEK Elbow Brace for Tendonitis and Tennis Elbow 2 Pack, Tennis Golfers Elbow Support Arm Band Pain Relief Elbow Wrap Weightlifting Elbow Strap with Compression Pad for Men & Women
  • 【Effective Elbow Support Brace】AGPTEK elbow strap is designed for elbow...
  • 【Wide Application】AGPTEK elbow brace is a must-have for those who require...
  • 【Unisex & One Size for All】Product size: 19.48in x 2.48in( L* H ). Unisex design,...

The AGPTEK Elbow Support Brace is a versatile and essential accessory, expertly designed to alleviate pain stemming from conditions like tennis elbow, golfer’s elbow, and elbow tendonitis. With its unisex and adjustable design, it caters to a wide circumference range of 21-38 cm, ensuring a snug fit for most forearms.

A slender yet potent brace that effectively alleviates muscle soreness and tendon inflammation.

This product is among the top sellers on Amazon, receiving high praise from customers. Plus, it ensures minimal perspiration during summer months.

What sets it apart is its wavy silicone non-slip band, which prevents chafing while ensuring better elbow protection. Crafted with a blend of rubber and nylon and an EVA elastic pad, this brace promises unparalleled comfort while ensuring maximum protection and breathability, making it a must-have for those in need of reliable elbow support.


Zofore Tennis Elbow Brace Set With 2 Counterforce Braces

ZOFORE SPORT Tennis Elbow Brace With Compression Pad (2-Count) - Effective Pain Relief for Tennis & Golfer’s Elbow for Men & Women
5,247 Reviews
ZOFORE SPORT Tennis Elbow Brace With Compression Pad (2-Count) - Effective Pain Relief for Tennis & Golfer’s Elbow for Men & Women
  • Superior Quality Design: The tennis elbow strap is crafted with high-quality, durable...
  • Adjustable Design for a Custom Fit: Our elbow brace for tendonitis is fully...
  • Enhanced Protection: The tennis elbow brace for men and women is specially designed...

The Zofore Tennis Elbow Support is a game-changer for those seeking a comfortable and effective solution to alleviate pain while engaging in physical activities.

Unlike the bulkier alternatives that restrict movement and are prevalent on Amazon, the Zofore’s sleek design and adjustable Velcro straps provide a personalized fit for any arm size, ensuring you can partake in your exercise regimen unhindered. The brace adeptly hugs your elbow joint, allowing you to revel in your tennis matches or other physical pursuits without the interference of pain or fatigue.

The Zofore Tennis Elbow Brace offers comfort like no other, thanks to its double Velcro straps that secure your elbow in place while granting the flexibility to adjust the fit as per your needs. The compression pad is not just a support mechanism; it also provides slight compression to alleviate the strain on your muscles.

Plus, its versatility is unmatched – wear it for a multitude of sports, including tennis, golf, weightlifting, and racquetball, as well as activities like kayaking and rowing that demand forearm muscle exertion.



Why To Choose Epicondylitis Padel Racket?

Selecting the right racket is crucial to minimize the chances of epicondylitis. In tennis, this inflammation can arise from vibrations that travel from the racket to the extensor tendons of the hand and elbow with each stroke.

To either prevent this inflammation or alleviate it if already present, it’s beneficial to opt for a padel racket specifically designed for epicondylitis, characterized by soft core materials that dampen vibrations.

How To Choose Epicondylitis Padel Racket?

The primary features of padel rackets designed for epicondylitis relate to the racket’s weight and the materials employed. Ideally, these rackets should be lightweight, incorporating a carbon frame and plates made of graphene or carbon.

A crucial aspect is the racket’s core: it should effectively dampen vibrations, typically constructed from Soft EVA rubber or Ultra Soft variants. Some top-quality padel rackets for epicondylitis also have an aramid reinforcement in the bridge to further reduce oscillations.

It’s recommended to steer clear of rackets with an excessively hard core, like those with hard EVA rubber, as they can strain the forearm and produce excessive vibrations.

padel racket for tennis elbow how to choose


What Padel Racket For Tennis Elbow Will You Choose?

Choosing the right padel racket when dealing with tennis elbow, or trying to prevent it, can make a significant difference in your playing experience. Tennis elbow, or epicondylitis, is a concern for many players, and the repeated vibrations from each stroke can exacerbate the condition. Fortunately, there are rackets specifically designed to mitigate these vibrations and reduce strain on the elbow.

When making your final selection, it’s essential to prioritize rackets with a lightweight design, vibration-dampening cores, and quality materials like carbon or graphene. A racket with a Soft EVA or Ultra Soft core can be particularly beneficial. Avoid rackets with hard cores, as they tend to produce more vibrations which can further strain the forearm.

In the end, while the right equipment can help, always remember to listen to your body. If you experience persistent pain, consult a specialist and consider incorporating strengthening exercises and stretches into your routine. The right combination of equipment, technique, and self-care can ensure you enjoy the game while also protecting your health.



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