5 Best Padel Rackets with Rough Surface in 2023

The textured padel racket with rough surface is ideal for those at an intermediate or advanced level, aiming to add significant spin to their shots. The surface texture aids in enhancing grip during hits, which in turn amplifies the ball’s spin upon release. While this feature might not seem essential to beginners still mastering basic shots, it’s invaluable for seasoned players.

This article will guide you to a rough padel rackets that are not only cost-effective but also promise to elevate your performance on the court.


5 Best Padel Rackets with Rough Surface

Typically, padel rackets with rough surface come at a slightly elevated price due to the intricacy of their construction. More importantly, the materials and technologies used are geared towards the more premium segment of the market

BAS3LINE VENON Padel Racket 12K Carbon Fibre + Carrier Bag

BAS3LINE Venom Adults Padel Racket - Professional Grade 12K Carbon Fibre Paddle Rackets - Light & Strong -Includes Branded Protective Racket Bag
  • CARBON FIBRE PADEL RACKET: Unlike cheaper competitors all BAS3LINE paddle tennis...
  • SUPERIOR BALL FEEL & CONTROL: From the head size of 455cm² to the lightweight,...
  • UNIQUE HOLE PATTERN: Our pioneering, precision hole pattern and placement provides...

BAS3LINE, a distinguished UK-based brand, unveils a padel racket masterfully crafted from 100% genuine 12K TENAX Carbon Fiber sourced from Japan. This Japanese Carbon Fibre stands as a testament to exceptional strength, stiffness, and durability in the world of high-performance Padel rackets. The teardrop-shaped racket, weighing between 360g to 375g with a width of 38mm, merges aesthetic with performance.

The unique Dual Fibre technique of BAS3LINE weaves fibres into a tailored pattern, layering them harmoniously with other premium materials such as resin, carbon, or Kevlar. This intricate design results in a composite structure that boasts both strength and lightness, ensuring that each layer interlaces seamlessly for optimal durability and firmness.

In a brilliant fusion of technology and innovation, the SHOCKWAVE FLEX feature encompasses a specialized polymer foam embedded into the racket frame. This design is poised to gracefully flex and compress upon impact, minimizing the shock transferred to the player’s arm. Tiny cavities intricately placed within the racket frame further enhance vibration absorption and redirection during those powerful ball strikes.

At the heart of this racket lies the BLACK EVA PLUS – a top-tier synthetic polymer. This foam has been meticulously calibrated to offer a cushioned response, adeptly softening ball impacts and shielding players from potential discomfort or injuries. With BAS3LINE’s unwavering commitment to elevating the game, players can expect a harmonious blend of control, durability, and sheer playing delight.

Wilson Carbon Force PRO

WILSON Carbon Force Pro Padel Racket - Black/Green WRT968700
  • Wilson Carbon Force Pro Padel Racket - Black/Green WRT968700

The Wilson Carbon Force PRO is crafted with a unique carbon composition, enhancing both its durability and playability. This racquet isn’t just about power; its balanced design ensures control and precision with every shot. The racquet’s core is built with specialized foam that provides optimal rebound and shock absorption. This ensures that even off-center hits are stabilized, and vibrations are minimized, reducing the chances of injuries and discomfort.

One of the most notable features of the Wilson Carbon Force PRO is its meticulous weight distribution, which caters to both beginners and advanced players. It promotes a smooth swing, allowing players to strike the ball with precision and force, making those challenging shots look effortless.

Its subtle texture on the racquet’s face isn’t just for show. It enhances grip on the ball, facilitating a variety of spins, from the devious slice to the topspin drive. the Wilson Carbon Force PRO boasts an ergonomic grip, ensuring a comfortable hold during extended play sessions. The racquet’s aerodynamic design ensures swift movement, making it ideal for those fast-paced rallies.


Drop Shot Quantum Padel Racket
  • Some of the technologies incorporated into the production of our models are some of...
  • Padel racquet shape teardrop, medium-high balance and Eva Pro
  • Control 60% Power 40%

The DROP SHOT racquet, renowned in the padel community, emerges as a benchmark for design and functionality. Masterfully crafted, this racquet embodies both aesthetics and performance, ensuring players not only look good on the court but play exceptionally as well. The DROP SHOT is one of those racquets that, upon trying, you’d be reluctant to part with because of its exceptional quality.

Its control capabilities are truly unparalleled, boasting premium materials and an outstanding overall design. This textured padel racquet truly excels in ball control and strategic gameplay, thoroughly meeting the demands of players who prioritize these aspects. What sets the DROP SHOT apart is its meticulously designed textured face. This feature, often overlooked in other racquets, is pivotal in offering enhanced grip on the ball. Such a texture allows players to impart a variety of spins and angles, making it a nightmare for opponents to predict shot trajectories.

Adidas Adipower 3.1

Adidas Adipower 3.1 Padel Paddle

The Adidas Adipower 3.1 stood out as one of the finest rackets our editorial team ever reviewed, and its successor astonishingly surpasses it. It’s challenging to pinpoint a more comprehensive premium racket than this, especially for players with a tactical playstyle in mind. While there are rackets tailored for other playing styles, if your emphasis isn’t primarily on power, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better option. It ranks among the top rough padel racquets available today, shining brilliantly in all aspects.

Built using the brand’s latest technologies, the racket features a Dual eXoskeleton and a Power Embossed Ridge, enhancing its structural stability and maximizing the power output with every swing. Its carbon-aluminized face, coupled with the Eva High Memory rubber, ensures optimal ball rebound, giving players an edge in precision and control.

The racket’s weight balance is expertly calibrated to offer impeccable maneuverability, a feature that seasoned players will undoubtedly appreciate. The Adipower 3.1 isn’t just about power; it’s meticulously designed to enhance spin, precision, and control, providing players with an unmatched playing experience. Its sleek aesthetics and ergonomic design are added bonuses, making it not only a top performer but also a stylish companion on the court. With the Adipower 3.1, Adidas once again solidifies its reputation as a frontrunner in the padel industry, setting new benchmarks in racket performance and design.


Bullpadel Vertex 03

Bullpadel Vertex 03 2022
  • Adult Unisex Paddle Practice Shovel
  • Multicoloured from Bullpadel
  • Bullpadel Vertex 03 22 Multicolour Shovel

Elevating the standard even further, the Bullpadel Vertex 03 epitomizes the pinnacle of what one could desire in a padel racket. This racket embodies perfection, offering both power and control, making it a comprehensive and versatile choice.

The Bullpadel Vertex 03 isn’t just another entry in the world of padel rackets; it’s an icon in its own right. The company’s decision to use MultiEva rubber in its core, which combines various densities, ensures a perfect balance between power and comfort. Its diamond shape adds to the racket’s power potential, while the 3DGrain on the surface provides players with the ability to apply more spin to the ball, making their shots unpredictable and challenging for opponents.

Admittedly, its price might raise eyebrows, but for those seeking the ultimate experience, budget-friendly options might be limited. It’s worth noting that it’s on par with the Metalbone, which isn’t featured on this list simply to introduce some diversity and prevent it from becoming an Adidas-dominated selection.

The Vertex 03 incorporates the Vibradrive system, a technology that absorbs vibrations and significantly reduces the risk of injuries, especially for players prone to elbow problems. The Nerve technology implemented in the design provides channels throughout the frame, enhancing rigidity and power without sacrificing precision. And let’s not forget its CarbonTube, a 100% carbon frame that lends the racket a unique robustness.

It’s no wonder then that top professional players, like Maxi Sanchez, have chosen the Vertex 03 as their weapon of choice on the court. This is more than just a racket; it’s a testament to Bullpadel’s commitment to innovation, quality, and the continuous pursuit of excellence in padel sports.



Which Padel Rackets with Rough Surface is Better?

Your next rough padel racquet awaits; simply select from these options and dive into the action. With any of these, your gameplay will adopt tactical nuances that you couldn’t achieve with a smooth racquet. Seeing is believing.

I personally have a soft spot for Drop Shot, as it offers a comprehensive package at a relatively low price. However, it’s not the sole contender. Each of these models will quench your desire for a tactical playstyle, so pick your favorite without overthinking it.

Drop Shot Quantum Padel Racket
  • Some of the technologies incorporated into the production of our models are some of...
  • Padel racquet shape teardrop, medium-high balance and Eva Pro
  • Control 60% Power 40%


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