Novak Djokovic’s Tennis Racket: Truth Revealed

It is highly understandable as to why people are so interested in what tennis racket Novak Djokovic plays with. Why wouldn’t you want to know? He is an extremely good athlete that has 18 Grand Slam championships under his belt. Anyone would want the chance to have a piece of equipment that could help you play like him. Of course, we know that is not exactly the case. However, this article is designed to discuss and answer most of the questions you probably have involving Novak Djokovics tennis racket.

Djokovic head tennis racket

What Is The Specific Tennis Racket That Djokovic Uses?

He currently plays with a tennis racket called the HEAD PT113B. This is a pro stock racket. The racket is strung with the Babolat vs Natural Gut 17 in the mains section of the racket, and ALU Power 16L in the crosses.

Is Novak Djokovics Tennis Racket For Sale?

HEAD does not produce the HEAD P11 anymore, so finding one is highly unlikely. For that reason, it is considered to be one of the rarest tennis rackets in the world. If you are fortunate enough to find one, be prepared to pay a large sum of money for it. They are not listed often but if you are going to possibly see them then eBay and prostocktennis are the sites you need to look out for.

However, it is painted to look like the HEAD Graphene 360 Speed Pro. This is a racket that Djokovic endorses. We have added some information on this racket that you can find further down in the article..

HEAD 2022 Speed Pro Tennis Racquet, 4-1/4
  • For advanced tournament players
  • Optimal control for fast games
  • Sensational feel

Why Is Novak Djokovic’s Racket Painted Like Another Tennis Racket Model?

This may seem quite unusual for a racket to be painted like something else. Djokovic’s racket is painted to look like the latest version of the HEAD Graphene 360 Speed Pro. However, it is actually the HEAD PT113B racket. You may be asking why is that. Well, the reasons for this are pretty logical. The main reason is for marketing purposes. Many fans of Novak Djokovic want to have the same racket as him.

However, this particular racket is not for sale. Nonetheless, the company that sponsors Djokovic, HEAD, paints the racket like one that is available to buy so that they do not lose out on a massive amount of potential sales. A lot of brands practice this type of advertising, as it is very smart. Nevertheless, whether it is correct is another question. However, it should be noted that the HEAD Graphene 360 Speed Pro is the racket that he endorses. So, fans can still purchase an item that Novak Djokovic does approve of, although he may not play it.

Novak Djokovics Tennis Racket Specs

Here are main specs of Djokvic’s racquet:

  • Head Size: 95 sq in
  • Length: 27 in
  • Strung Weight: 12,7 oz
  • Strung Balance: 32,8 cm
  • Stiffness: 60 RA
  • Grip Size: 4 3/8
  • Grip Type: 2 overgrips over Half Calfskin
  • String Pattern: 18 X 19

It is important to also take note of the fact that Djokovic heavily customizes his own racket by making use of lead tape. He puts this around most of the frame. This is done to completely change the balance of the racket. As a result, the swing weight is affected. In continuation, find the overview for the racket Djokovic pretends to use.

HEAD Speed Pro

This is a racket that is designed, produced and sold by the sports equipment company, HEAD. It is highly thought-after in the tennis world as it has many great features. This is a reason that it is endorsed by Novak Djokovic. The specifications are as follows:

  • WEIGHT (UNSTRUNG): 310 g / 10.9 oz
  • HEAD SIZE: 645 cm² / 100 in²
  • BALANCE: 315 mm / 1 in HL
  • LENGTH: 685 mm / 27.0 in
  • BEAM: 23 mm
  • Age range: ‎Adult
  • Color: ‎White
  • Size: ‎1/4
  • Hand orientation: ‎Ambidextrous
  • League: ‎Tennis
  • Frame material: ‎Graphite
  • Item display length: ‎27 inches
  • Weight: ‎309 Grams
  • Material type: ‎Graphite
  • Skill level: ‎Advanced
  • Department: ‎Unisex

It is seen to be very versatile and fit for intermediate to advanced players. It has a slightly higher swing weight and a more flexible feel to it when compared to its predecessor. It provides great control, feel, power, and spin.

Novak Djokovics Tennis Racket: My Personal Experience

After being given the honor of playing with Novak Djokovic’s actual tennis racket, I was able to conclude what it felt like. The first thing I think I should mention is that it was very firm, too firm for my liking. However, this comes down to personal preference and this can be different for other people. It was simply too stiff for me. It took some getting used to but once I was accustomed to the string set-up, I felt the response was much better. It works really well during quick exchanges and the maneuverability is pretty solid.

Something else worth mentioning is that the racket has an extremely solid frame that suits advanced players well. However, I could see where problems would arise for beginners. In saying this, it is to be expected when dealing with tennis rackets. Rarely, rackets that suit advanced specifications will also suit beginner ones.

I was very surprised when I was able to get a few good spins in, especially when I saw that the string pattern was 18 X 19 as those to not normally allow for much spin to occur. Great control and comfort is offered as the racket is stable and heavy. Nonetheless, it is not easy to generate power with the unique string set-up that Djokovic has. You will need to have something close to his technique to achieve this power.

Overall, I feel that the racket is very solid and would be a great match for any advanced players that prefer control overpower, while still obtaining the spin potential. Like most rackets, it is all up to personal preference. However, it would be a good option for the right kind of player.

head graphene 360 speed pro


Why Is This Racket Appropriate For Djokovic’s Playing Style?

The specific racket that Novak uses perfectly fits with his playing style. In saying that, an advantage to his overall game is his flexibility as it helps him return very wide balls. His racket helps him increase his flexibility which makes his playing strength even better. This is exactly what every tennis player strives for when picking out a racket, something that will be complementary to their playing style and increase their overall performance.

He is an aggressive player and for that to work effectively on the court, you need an ample amount of control. With this being said, his racket accommodates for this. Again, matching his playing style to his racket. The way the racket is strung helps in achieving this. Added to that, the maneuverability of the racket is great. This makes it possible for Djokovic to react so quickly and efficiently to his return on serves.

djokovic tennis racket

What Other Equipment Does Djokovic Endorse Or Use?

Find another famous brands that collaborate with Djokovic:


Novak currently wears the Asics Court FF 2 Novak. This is a tennis shoe that was made in collaboration between Asics and Djokovic. However, Djokovic does switch to wearing the Asics French Open Court FF 2 Novak in clay season.

Learn about Asics shoes sizing to choose the most comfortable pair for your tennis activities.


Novak also endorses Seiko watches. The two parties have been in partnership with one another since 2014 and have launched several Djokovic-inspired limited edition watches.


Djokovic is also an ambassador of a brand called Lacoste. Due to this sponsorship, Lacoste produces a Novak Djokovic collection. This collection includes both tournaments and supports items.

More tennis outfit:

Is Novak Djokovics Tennis Racket Good For You?

I can see why this racket is not considered beginner-friendly. In saying this, I would not recommend it to anyone that does not consider themselves as an advanced player.

I can see why it fits Novak’s playing style so perfectly. Everything is accustomed just right to highlight all his strengths. That is why someone with a similar playing style would thrive with a type of racket. Hence why I would recommend it to someone with aggressive type of playing style.

The bottom line is that there are many other 95 sq in sized racket heads out there that are cheaper and work just as well. Although it is has a fantastic feeling frame, I, unfortunately, do not see it necessary to buy Djokovic’s tennis racket unless you are a collector or a racket purist of the most specific kind.



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