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Wanting to upgrade your tennis equipment to get you playing like a pro then this is the guide for you.

HEAD’s newest range of tennis rackets is taking the market by storm. Do not believe us? Well, you do not need to take our word for it. Just take a look at the long list of established professional players that are standing behind this range.

People like Novak Djokovic to Andy Murray are all showing their trust in the HEAD brand by playing with their rackets and so should you! We have all the information you could ever need, all you need to do is keep reading.

HEAD Speed Tennis Rackets:

Sitting in-between the Prestige line and the Extreme series, the Speed family of rackets offers both classic control and modern power. If you are looking for an arm-friendly feel and easy access to spin, then this is the racket for you. Not only does the racket feature this but it also offers a great balance between power and control. It is a very versatile racket has it is perfect for all-court players. What makes the range so diverse is the fact that it features different head sizes and weights which makes it extremely easy for any player to find something that will work with their game, whether you are beginner, or advanced, or anything in-between.

HEAD Gravity Tennis Rackets:

The next series delivers on amazing control and feel to a variety of ability levels as well as playing styles. This series is called Gravity. Added to this, each racket from the Gravity series is designed with the Graphene 360+ combining the stability and power of the Graphene 360 with the SpiralFibers present in the lower portion of the head for optimal feel. The Gravity series truly has something for everyone. From the Lite model that offers a fast and user-friendly feel to the Pro model that is engineered with a thin 20 mm beam, dense string pattern, and rock-solid stability.

HEAD Radical Tennis Rackets:

What is seen as the “modern player’s frame”, the Radical series offers decent control and feel to the player. Although the Radical series is highly established, it still manages to continue to evolve for the modern game, aiding in providing plenty of speed, power, and spin. This line of rackets has something of every different type of player. This is due to the series being engineered to deliver a variety of different weights and head sizes.

HEAD Prestige Tennis Rackets:

This range of rackets has been seen as one of the most iconic in the world. The Prestige series is designed with Graphene 360+ technology. This is HEAD’s signature Graphene 360 technology that is combined with innovative Spiralfibers. This provides optimized energy transfer, a clean impact feel, and enhanced flex. However, these rackets are best suited for intermediate to advanced players, especially those with solid mechanics who demand a high level of precision, due to their heavier weights and smaller head sizes. Along with the classic features of control and feel, the Prestige line also offers more modern options with increased power and spin.

HEAD Extreme Tennis Rackets:

The new HEAD Extreme line does one thing incredibly well and that is spin the entire game your way. This feature is made available by the use of advanced Graphene 360 technology, unique funnel grommets, and an open string pattern. The funnel grommets allow for greater movement of the main string in all directions which maximizes power and spin. Strategically positioned in the shaft and extending to the racket head, the use of Graphene 360 strengthens the frame. In doing with, the player is offered greater stability and optimized energy transfer from racket to the ball.

HEAD Instinct Tennis Rackets:

This line is dynamite. Its effortless power and easy access to spin make for a speedy package. Being a versatile series, the HEAD Instinct range offers something big hitting baseliners and counter punchers. Along with this, the range provides some great options for players that are still looking to build on their fundamentals as well as offering some choices for seasoned ball strikers. The series offers to combine amazing power with real comfort to help in making your game effortless. This is aided by the use of advanced Graphene 360 technology in the design of each racket. The specially designed cross-sections provide for a bigger sweet spot and easy playability.

HEAD MxG Tennis Rackets:

The MxG series of rackets feature HEAD’s innovative Magnesium throat bridge, which aids in stabilizing the frame’s head, while at the same time allowing for longer main strings. This increases the sweet spot of the rackets. Total control is offered on every shot thanks to the use of the solid magnesium bridge. All this results in a racket that is comfortable and crisp and delivers a great balance of power and control. Graphene Touch being incorporated into the overall design of the rackets gives you a balance of power and control that is unmatched when compared to other rackets.

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