HEAD Radical 27 Review

Today, we are going to talk all about the HEAD Radical 27 and why you need it! We have got everything covered for you, from the benefits to the downfalls, and why it needs to be on your wish list for tennis essentials. All you’ve need to do after this is by it.

HEAD Radical 27

Why is The HEAD Radical 27 A Must-Have?

The racket is lightweight, weighing 280 grams (unstrung). This makes the racket perfect for swinging and manoeuvring. The racket also features a decent head size which allows the player a brilliant combination of comfortable striking motion, solid feel, and great power potential when firing shots. Added to this, the racket is designed to be headlight. This gives the player the ability of speedy manoeuvrability as well as perfect handling. It is strung with standard synthetic gut string in a 16×18 string pattern, aiding in more playability. Designed with aluminium construction, which gives this racket power as well as durability. The excellent technology used to make this piece of equipment has additional vibration dampening. With the presence of this technology, the player is able to use the racket more comfortably, and with less strain to their arms or wrist. The price is perfect for anyone, especially those that are on more of a budget. Finally, the racket is supplied with a racket cover for the protection of your purchase. Along with the cover, it comes with an adjustable strap that can be swung over your shoulder for effortless carrying to and from the court.

Any Downsides?

Some players have stated that due to the racket being lightweight, there is less power when hitting the ball. This is something that is quite frustrating, especially for newer players as their balls are less powerful making their game a little less competitive.
The overall finish of the product has been seen to chip easier than that of other rackets. This can be quite frustrating. However, this does not affect the ability to use the racket and therefore, much emphasis should not be placed on it. This is unless you prefer your racket to look nice. In saying this, the appearance of the racket is still excellent for the price.

Who is this Racket For?

This is the perfect racket for someone that is just dipping their feet into the world of tennis. The price point is great for someone that is not willing to invest a lot of money into something that they are not sure of, while still being a good quality item. The string pattern, as mentioned above, allows the player more manoeuvrability as well as it is forgiving for someone that lacks the skills of knowing how to direct the ball. Thus, making it perfect for a beginner. The grip used is perfect for someone who is not used to the vibration caused by the impact of the ball and the racket. The technology used helps in limiting the amount of vibration caused by the impact, making it comfortable to use. This racket is a great first tennis racket for someone that is trying to get into the game. It will help you learn the skills you need to learn to become a better player and will let you have fun while doing it.

HEAD Radical 27

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