HEAD Nano Ti 110 Review

Why is the HEAD Nano Ti 110 a Great Racquet for Beginners?

There are a variety of properties that the HEAD Nano Ti 110 holds that makes it an excellent racquet for beginners. These will each be discussed in-depth, giving you accurate information regarding the paddle’s design and specs.



HEAD Nano Ti Spector 2.0 Squash Racket


Racquet Throat Shape:

There are two types of racquet throat which are called Teardrop, which is open, and Classic, which is closed. The Teardrop throat squash racquet has a larger strength, bed area, and a larger sweet spot that therefore, tends to offer more power and be more forgiving than a Classic squash racquet. In saying this, a Teardrop racquet is seen as the right option for someone that is beginning to play squash. The HEAD Nano Ti 110 is a Teardrop racquet and would be a good fit for someone that has little experience in playing squash. This is because the player will have more power and be more forgiving than if a beginner were to use a Classic-shaped racquet.


The HEAD Nano racquet has a head-heavy balance to it. This has both advantages and disadvantages. Being head-heavy, it offers the player excellent maneuverability for quick volleys and flick shots and produces a large amount of power. However, it can be hard to control at speed. This feature of the racquet is quite subjective and is up to personal preference.


This racquet is extremely light, weighing only 110 grams. Having a light racquet aids in being more forgiving which is perfect for beginner players that are still learning their way around the squash court. Along with being forgiving, the lightweight of the racquet is better for maneuvering quickly and is especially great for attacking players.


The different types of strings and string tensions vary. The string tension of the HEAD Nano is relatively in the middle. The tensions are not too high, yet not too low. This allows the racquet to reap the benefits of having both high and low tensions. This means that there is increased control as well as more power. Added to this, it also has Powerfan stringing for even more power.

Overall Design:

The paddle has enlarger grommets at 3 and 9 o’clock. This widens the sweet spot, making it more forgiving and increasing power. Made from titanium and carbon construction, the racquet is completely durable which gets you great value for money. Included in this, the racquet comes with a racquet cover to help protect your racquet after practices or tournaments. This cover is also equipped with an adjustable strap to keep you comfortable.

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