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Launched nearly 70 years ago, Dunlop is a major manufacturer of Tennis, Squash and Gold equipment. Dunlop is the manufacturer of some of the most popular racquets in the world. In fact, they have been chosen to be the official racket and ball partner brand of the World Squash Federation and Professional Squash Association.

Players like Ali Farag, Nick Matthew, Alison Waters and Gregory Gaultier prefer the Dunlop squash racket in most of their matches. Dunlop also seems to be the Grand Slams racket of choice as the majority of the matches have been won with Dunlop rackets than any other brand.

With a focus on research and development along with a focus on efficient materials, Dunlop continually brings in new technologies into its equipment. Below we discuss the technologies that make Dunlop squash racquets among the best in the world:


This technology reimagines the frame of a typical racquet by bringing Hyperfibre ballistic fibres into 3 and 9 o’clock positions. By doing so, the torsional stability of the racquet is significantly enhanced on off-centre impacts. This improves the control and precision of the racquet, enhancing your game.


Dunlop uses a surface inspired by the Shark’s skin to smoothen the airflow over the racquet. This has been shown to reduce drag up to 35% compared to ordinary racquets.

Hybrid Cross-section

Dunlop racket heads are stable thanks to their oval cross-section.


Being nimble on the court is a skill every player looks for. Dunlop can now help you do this by pocketed grommets and an aerodynamic cross-section in the racket hoop. These together can increase the speed of the racket head, allowing you to reach shots faster.


Dunlop has developed a unique polymer made of microbeads of MOS2 mineral. This helps decrease the friction between grommets and strings by up to 27%, which allows for enhanced power on your shots.

Top Dunlop Squash Rackets

Below is a list of top 5 Dunlop racquets that we would recommend:


Dunlop Hyperfibre Revelation Pro

The Dunlop Hyperfibre Revelation Pro was created to offer hyper-speed, power and performance because of its Hyperfibre+ technology placed in 3 locations on the racket. Despite its large head of 76.0 in2, this racket is lightweight at 128g. This racket allows for a powerful shot due to its head, substantial balance and AeroSkin technology. Dunlop claims to reduce vibrations by 35% over non-textured surfaces. This model was the signature racket of Ali Farag, a world #1 today. Glide Polymer technology adds to the durability and power while the 17G string placed in a 14×19 string pattern delivers good spin.


Dunlop Precision Elite

The Dunlop Precision Series was developed to offer comfort with excellent racket head stability and no wonder the Elite racket is one of Greg Gaultier’s favourite rackets. Weighing in at 135 grams, this racket offers a light feel that helps players react faster and swing better. As for the dimension, the head size is 500sqcm and features a 16×19 string pattern. The Elite uses Hyperfibre+ fibres at crucial 9 and 3 o’clock positions for excellent torsional stability and balance.


Dunlop Biomimetic Pro GTS 140

Developed by Dunlop in conjunction with the PSA, the Biomimetic Pro GTS 140 offers players superior control with extra power. Weighing 140g, the GTS 140 has a small head size of 73in2. The racket features the new MoS2 grommet system that gives the strings some flexibility, Aeroskin technology for higher head speed and Biofibre that absorbs shock. The shaft of the racquet is curvaceous, which translates to greater power when you’re close to the side walls or at the back of the court.


Dunlop Biomimetic Ultimate GTS

The Dunlop Biomimetic Ultimate GTS squash racquet has been created to give players more precision and control. This squash racket features a small throat area with a dense string bed. It uses the patented Aeroskin technology for reduced drag with BioFibre technology for shock absorption. These features contribute to more power with a spin. The construction of this racquet uses premium graphite that brings strength to the frame and has Silk string of good quality. As for dimension, this squash racket weighs 132 grams with a head size of 500cm2.

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