How to Curve a Ball in Wii Sports Tennis

It can be all fun and games but wouldn’t it be great to show off to all your friends as well? Just like with any game, practice makes perfect. With this, we’ve compiled a list of tips and tricks to explain you well how to curve a ball in Wii tennis and to get you playing better and better. Simple movements that will elevate your tennis skills and will get you playing like a Wii Tennis pro.

How to Curve the Ball in Wii Tennis

There are different strategies how you can curve the ball in Wii tennis.

If You Are Right-Handed On the Fore-Hand Shot

  1. Swing normally.
  2. Make sure the ‘A’ button will face to the left.
  3. During the swing, turn the Wii remote so that the ‘A’ button faces down.

This will cause the ball to curve left.

  1. Swing normally.
  2. Make sure the ‘A’ button is facing to the left.
  3. Swing the Wii mote so that the ‘A’ button is facing up.

This will cause the ball to curve to the right.

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What Are the Effects Of Each Of These Curves?

From the following mentioned above, the ball that curves left will be slower and have a higher shot. Whereas, the ball that curves right will be much faster and be flatter in trajectory.

If You Are Right-Handed On the Back-Hand Shot

Follow the exact same motions as mentioned at the top, but do it in the back-hand position. The effect this has is that the curve to the right has a right spin which is slower and much higher. The curve to the left has a left spin that is faster and much flatter.

Remember that this is a highly technical skill that takes time to master. Practice in Wii Tennis Training before attempting it against your opponents. With four of these curves. Be careful not to apply too much swing as this may cause the ball to go out, and result in you losing a point. If you are struggling to master curving the ball, do not worry. We have a few more tips to get you playing like a pro.

Tips and Tricks on How To Curve a Ball in Wii Sports Tennis

In this section we will keep on elaborating how to curve a ball in Wii sports tennis for your better performance:

Playing Smart with Out-of-Bounds Balls:

When you notice a ball heading out of bounds, it might be tempting to chase it down and hit it back. However, it’s often wiser to refrain. By allowing the ball to drop out of bounds, you will earn a point. So, always be aware of the ball’s trajectory and make calculated decisions on which ones to let go.

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Anticipation is Key:

Being prepared is half the battle in any sport, including Wii Tennis. Before your adversary serves, ensure that your Wii-mote is correctly positioned and aligned. By doing this, you’re better equipped to anticipate the ball’s direction and return it effectively once it reaches your side.

Maximize Your Court Utilization:

An intriguing aspect of Wii Tennis is the ability to play on both halves of the court. To achieve this, select the same Mii character for both player slots. This tactic not only provides a unique challenge but also helps improve your adaptability and reflexes as you manage both halves of the court.

Mastering Shot Direction:

Accuracy in directing your shots can make or break your game. The sooner you perfect this skill, the more formidable you become as a player. The secret lies in keenly observing the direction in which your racquet points. By doing so, you can better gauge and control where your shots will land, catching your opponent off guard.

The Power Serve Advantage:

A critical shot in your Wii Tennis arsenal is the power serve. This serve is characterized by its rapid speed, zipping across the screen at a pace that can be challenging for your opponent to counter. Mastering the power serve not only adds an element of surprise to your game but significantly increases your chances of clinching the point. So, take the time to practice and perfect this move to elevate your gameplay.

Do you want to improve your Wii Tennis Skills?

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Word of Advice

In the virtual courts of Wii Tennis, mastering the curve ball isn’t just about showcasing your digital dexterity—it’s a testament to the transformative power of technology and how it mirrors real-world skills. The intriguing dance of pixels that makes the ball swerve and deceive mirrors the spin and mastery of an actual tennis court, proving that even within the binary confines of 0s and 1s, there’s room for flair, strategy, and artistry.

So, as you practice that perfect curve, remember: you’re not just scoring points in a game, but celebrating the beautiful blend of sports and simulation, and the joy they bring to our modern world.

Swing away and let those curves tell your story!




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