Best Women’s netball shoes

In netball, players run in quick, short bursts and they are often required to stop, pivot and jump suddenly. Therefore, it’s absolutely essential to ensure that your netball shoes allow your feet to sit on a lower platform in order to maximize cushioning and comfort on the side of your feet. This allows for greater flexibility and a wide range of movements while reducing the risk of rolling your ankles. A shoe that is designed specifically for netball helps improve your performance, reduce the risk of injury and improve your ability to withstand the demands netball puts on your body.

Our selection of the best netball shoes available in the UK market in 2019!

  1. Mizuno Wave Hurricane 2

  2.  Mizuno Wave Twister 4

  3. Asics Gel-Netburner Super 6

  4.  Mizuno Wave Mirage

  5. Mizuno Wave Phantom

1 - Mizuno Wave Hurricane 2

Mizuno Wave Hurricane 2

No matter the court condition or the level you play, Mizuno Wave Hurricane 2 offers excellent impact absorption and is ideal for players looking for an indoor performance shoe that is designed to be superbly cushioned and lightweight.

Key features

  • The lightweight AirMesh upper part of the Mizuno Wave Hurricane 2 Netball Shoe provides a superbly breathable environment that keeps the feet as dry and cool as possible.
  • Mizuno Wave Hurricane 2 comes with synthetic overlays which offer additional support especially to the top of your foot.
  • The midsole at the heel of this netball shoe is strategically placed in order to keep the foot comfortably and securely in place.
  • It features a removable molded sock liner which offers extra cushioning and comfort.
  • The Mizuno-specific wave plate provides high impact cushioning and excellent stability.
  • The outsole features Dynamotion Grooves (integrated flex grooves) which improve on-court agility and stability.
  • It also features Mizuno Intercool which vents cool air into the shoe and makes the outsole breathable.
  • The non-marking sole makes the shoe perfect for indoor court sports.
  • Mizuno Wave Hurricane 2 Netball shoe has a heel height of 9 millimeters and lace-up closure


2 - Mizuno Wave Twister 4

Mizuno Wave Twister 4

Mizuno Wave Twister 4 is made to endure intense movements and provide maximum stability while keeping your feet securely in place even when playing your hardest. This high-performance, supportive men’s shoe features a breathable mesh upper which ensures proper airflow and gives your feet a fresh feel. It also boasts Mizuno Wave Technology which delivers a spring effect for jumping and controlled cushioning for safe landings. Thanks to Dynamotion Groove technology, the non-marking rubber outsole enhances on-court agility.

Key features

  • Great performance and excellent aesthetics
  • Mizuno Wave Twister 4 offers excellent stability
  • The breathable mesh upper enhances ventilation in order to provide a fresh feel
  • The synthetic overlays provide additional support for excellent performance on any court.
  • The low-profile EVA midsole helps enhance cushioning and shock impact attenuation.
  • The non-marking outsole makes the Mizuno Wave Twister 4 Netball Shoe ideal for any indoor court.
  • Mizuno Wave Twister 4 features resilient gum rubber outsole structure for increased grip and traction on all court surfaces.
  • Dynamotion Groove Technology provides special flex grooves which improve dexterity.
3 - Asics Gel-Netburner Super 6

Asics Gel-Netburner Super 6

The Asics Gel-Netburner Super 6 netball shoe is built on a Fluid Ride midsole that offers amazing bounce back, remarkable cushioning and lightness. A Trussic system and DuoMax technology under the mid-foot provide additional support, and the rearfoot and GEL unit in the forefoot absorbs shock during play. It features a Clutch Counter around the heel which is designed to enhance fit.

Key features

  • Asymmetrical lacing provides increased comfort while reducing irritability.
  • Asics Gel-Netburner Super 6 netball shoe features discreet eyelet which uses independently placed eyelets in order to even lacing tension, enhance upper comfort and create a customized fit.
  • The fully wrapped outsole coupled with AHAR (ASICS High Abrasion Resistant) rubber enhances durability by cutting down on excessive wear.
  • The ComforDry TMsockliner is molded to the shape of the foot and it can be removed and replaced with a medical orthotic. The sockliner provides anti-microbial properties and cushioning performance for a dryer, healthier and cooler environment.
  • It features California Slip Lasting for comfort and stability.
  • The upper is stitched around the EVA board or canvas and attached to the midsole for comfort and stability.
  • Asics Gel-Netburner Super 6 features a lace-up closure and EVA sole which enhances comfort and helps retain structural integrity.
4 - Mizuno Wave Mirage

Mizuno Wave Mirage

Mizuno Wave Mirage is a lightweight and comfortable women’s netball shoe which provides resilience in the midsole and excellent cushioning.

Key features

  • The Mizuno Wave Mirage netball shoe is constructed with a lightweight no-sew upper for excellent performance and comfort.
  • It features DynaMotion Fit System which interacts with the movement of the feet in order to avoid distortion of the shoe and relieve stress.
  • The pioneering PoWnCe midsole material offers excellent resilience and comfort, whilst being extremely lightweight without compromising on comfort and cushioning.
  • The outsole is innovatively constructed using D-Flex grooves which allow multi-directional play and efficient weight transfer for amazing acceleration.
  • The SR Touch insert in the shoe’s forefoot is designed to provide cushioned landing and excellent impact absorption during heel strike.
  • It features brand new kick sensors under the toes which allow agile and quick toe-off, whilst D-flex grooves right under the foot allow multi-directional movement.
  • The Parallel Wave Plate actively works to distribute weight evenly, enhancing cushioning properties and stability.
5 - Mizuno Wave Phantom

Mizuno Wave Phantom

The Mizuno Wave Phantom women’s netball shoe is ideal for players who look for tow protection, premium comfort and powerful cushioning as some of the key features of their netball shoes. The AIRMESH upper offers extreme comfort and breathability to the top of the foot.

It comes with a Dura-Shield at the front which protects your toes from expected scraps and bumps when playing. It is also made from durable material to make the shoe long-lasting. The removable insock which is added to the midsole is anatomically molded in order to provide extra cushioning and comfort.

Key features

  • The Mizuno Wave Phantom women’s netball shoe features a highly durable and breathable airmesh which helps you stay active on your feet for longer without any discomfort.
  • The removable insock offers extra comfort and cushioning.
  • The Dura-Shield rubber is designed to protect the front of the shoe.
  • It features a Wave Plate which offers lateral and mid-foot support.
  • DynaMotion fit improves stability and agility on the court.


Choosing the right netball shoe for you

Let’s explore some of the factors that you should take into consideration when choosing netball shoes:

  • Ankle and foot support

Netballers need sturdier, firmer shoes to provide ample support due to the stopping, jumping and pivoting motions of netball.

  • Protection against foot injuries

Poor footwear choice is one of the main contributors to ankle and foot injuries. You can use orthotics to correct under or over-pronation and improve the support of your netball shoes.

  • Get a snug fit

A nice, tight fit can help overcome various potential injury dangers. Remember, tight shoes increase your chance of bruises and blisters, whilst loose shoes can easily lead to ankle injuries.

  • Check the quality of your midsole

The midsole should provide excellent shock absorption and bounce-back qualities in order to improve your change of direction and jumping.

  • Look for a firm upper sole

A hard, strong upper sole is a good sign because it prevents wear and tear from wooden or concrete courts.

  • Find a low and steady sole

Choose a shoe with a low and firm sole that keeps you closer to the ground. Besides improving your feel, a low and steady sole also reduces your chance of rolling an ankle and allows you to disperse your center of gravity especially when stopping or stepping.

  • Outdoors or indoors?

Netball shoes that are made from materials that do not mark such as rubber are ideal for playing indoor courts. Joggers and cross trainers are more likely to leave marks.

Netball has the most dynamic impact on your feet. It has the short sprints of hockey, the changes of direction and rapid stopping of squash and the intense movements you need in basketball. Therefore, it is absolutely essential for players to wear specialized footwear.