5 Best Badminton Shoes: Buyer’s Guide

Ask any Badminton player out there and they’ll tell you, it can be rough on the feet. Along with sports like Tennis and Basketball, Badminton involves a whole lot of stopping and starting. Not only that, there are quick changes of direction and lots of pressure placed on the feet and ankles at all times.  This kind of fast-paced, fleet-footed gameplay can lead to injury if you don’t have the right footwear to support you. With that in mind, let’s take a look at 5 pairs of Badminton shoes perfectly designed for this swift-moving sport.

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5 Best Badminton Shoes

Here are our top picks for your best badminton matches:

1. Asics Men’s Gel-Rocket 8 Multisport Indoor Shoes – Sleek, Stylish, and High-Performance

Perfectly designed for players looking to enhance their performance on the court, these gel-rocket shoes are perfect for indoor courts. Featuring a breathable open mesh, they are optimized for maximum ventilation as well as comfort and stability thanks to the California slip lasting upper attached to the midsole.

The inner material is textile while the outer material is synthetic. The sole is made from Gum Rubber and the closure style is Lace-Up. The Trusstic System® gives the shoe amazing structural integrity that can withstand the harsh rigours of court sports.

With the Forefront GEL® Cushioning System, the shock impact on the balls on the feet is massively reduced, decreasing the risk of “repetitive use” injuries. The Non-marking outsole won’t mark up your court, and the removable sock liner is designed for you to have the optimum fit.

  • Material: Synthetic/Textile
  • Weight: Approx 337g (11.9oz)
  • Drop: n/a


2. Asics Men’s Gel-Beyond 5 Volleyball Shoes – Adaptable, Stable, and Functional

With a classic lace-up design and an open mesh upper, this shoe gives your feet plenty of room to breathe. The personalised heel fit conforms naturally to your heel and combined with the 2 layers of memory foam, it creates a fit nothing less than exceptional.

Durability was kept in mind by the designers as well, however, with the SpEVA™, 55 midsole lasting material and rhynoskin moulded component. It also helps for specific foot types in order to improve guidance and fit. To achieve the best stability and comfort possible, the designers attached the California slip lasting upper directly to the midsole.

To prevent breakdown, SpEVA™ material is used, decreasing the level of bounce back your experience. Of course, the GEL® cushioning system is placed in both the rear and the front parts of the shoe to ensure minimized shock when impact occurs. T

he patented NC Rubber® outsole is also another reason why this shoe has such great traction on the court. The structural integrity of this shoe is rock solid as well, preventing you from rolling your ankle thanks to the Trusstic system®

  • Material: Synthetic/Manmade
  • Weight: 316g (11.1oz)
  • Drop: n/a


3. Salming Viper 5 – Barefoot Feel

Ideal for players who favor a powerful playing approach, the Salming Viper is crafted for swiftness, agility, and a unique low-profile design that promises an unrivaled connection with the court.

As the latest installment in a long-standing popular series, this fifth edition boasts the newly introduced ViperSKIN – a feather-light fusion of synthetic materials tailored to contour to your feet, offering both stability and comfort. This shoe incorporates patented technologies like the RollBar, LMS, and LMS Plus 11°.

Furthermore, the Salming Viper 5 features the advanced RunLite2 midsole foam, which ensures a lighter step with enhanced energy feedback. It’s the go-to choice for players who commit to powerful swings and dynamic court maneuvers.

  • Material: Mix
  • Weight: 363 g
  • Heel to toe drop: n/a

4. ASICS Women’s Gel-Rocket 10 Indoor Sport Shoes – Versatile

ASICS Women's Gel-Rocket 10 Volleyball Shoes, 8, Sky/Indigo Blue
  • Breathable mesh upper:
  • Trusstic System technology: Reduces the weight of the sole unit while retaining the...
  • Heel wrap-up generates smoother landings:

ASICS badminton shoes for women have been meticulously designed to cater to the specific needs of female athletes, ensuring both performance and comfort on the court. The standout feature is the breathable mesh upper, which not only provides ample ventilation but also keeps the foot securely positioned during quick movements and agile plays.

Coupled with the Trusstic System technology, these shoes have masterfully reduced the weight of the sole unit. This reduction doesn’t compromise the shoe’s structural integrity, ensuring that players experience both lightness and durability with every step.

Further enhancing the design are the heel wrap-up and the strategic flex grooves in the outsole. The heel wrap-up facilitates smoother landings, an essential feature for a sport that demands frequent jumps and rapid footwork.

The flex grooves, on the other hand, contribute to the shoe’s overall flexibility, allowing the foot to move more naturally and responsively. These badminton shoes, with their lace-up closure and medium shoe width, are crafted to fit snugly, ensuring that women can focus entirely on their game, knowing their feet are well-supported.

  • Material: Faux leather/Mesh

5. ASICS Dedicate 8 Woman Tennis Shoes – Good Stability, Vegan Friendly

ASICS Women's Sneaker, Gris Blue White, 5
  • EVA insole and midsole
  • The Trusstic System technology prevents twisting due to the execution of movements
  • Good stability and flexible feel

These badminton shoes are expertly crafted with an EVA insole and midsole, ensuring maximum comfort and shock absorption for players on the court. With the integration of the Trusstic System technology, the shoes are designed to prevent any unwanted twisting during rapid and complex movements, guaranteeing both safety and precision.

The outer and inner materials are vegan-friendly, while the rubber sole offers optimal grip for swift footwork. Fastened with a lace-up closure and tailored with a medium shoe width, these shoes provide a snug fit for the athlete. Overall, these badminton shoes offer an excellent balance between stability and flexibility, ensuring peak performance during play.

  • Material: Synthetic/Mesh


Which Badminton Shoes Will You Choose?

In the fast-paced world of badminton, the shoes you wear can be the difference between a game-winning dive and a missed opportunity. After diving deep into the top contenders, it’s evident that the ideal badminton shoe melds comfort, agility, and stability seamlessly.

While each player might have unique preferences based on their style of play and foot structure, investing in a pair of quality badminton shoes is paramount. It’s not just about style or brand, but how the shoe enhances your performance on the court. Make the right choice, and your feet will thank you after every match.



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