Selection Of The Best Badminton Shoes Available

Ask any Badminton player out there and they’ll tell you, it can be rough on the feet. Along with sports like Tennis and Basketball, Badminton involves a whole lot of stopping and starting. Not only that, there are quick changes of direction and lots of pressure placed on the feet and ankles at all times.

This kind of fast-paced, fleet-footed gameplay can lead to injury if you don’t have the right footwear to support you. With that in mind, let’s take a look at 5 pairs of Badminton shoes perfectly designed for this swift-moving sport.

Our selection of the best badminton shoes available in the UK market!

  1. Asics Men’s Gel-Rocket 8 Multisport Indoor Shoes

  2. Asics Men’s Gel-Beyond 5 Volleyball Shoes

  3.  Asics Men’s Gel-Hunter 3

  4. Yonex Women’s Power Cushion 35

  5. Asics Women’s Gel-Rocket 8

Men’s Shoes

1 - Asics Men's Gel-Rocket 8 Multisport Indoor Shoes

Asics Men’s Gel-Rocket 8 Multisport Indoor Shoes
Sleek, Stylish, and High-Performance

Perfectly designed for players looking to enhance their performance on the court, these gel-rocket shoes are perfect for indoor courts. Featuring a breathable open mesh, they are optimized for maximum ventilation as well as comfort and stability thanks to the California slip lasting upper attached to the midsole. The inner material is textile while the outer material is synthetic. The sole is made from Gum Rubber and the closure style is Lace-Up. The Trusstic System® gives the shoe amazing structural integrity that can withstand the harsh rigours of court sports. With the Forefront GEL® Cushioning System, the shock impact on the balls on the feet is massively reduced, decreasing the risk of “repetitive use” injuries. The Non-marking outsole won’t mark up your court, and the removable sock liner is designed for you to have the optimum fit.

  • Material: Synthetic/Textile
  • Weight: Approx 337g (11.9oz)
  • Drop: n/a
2 - Asics Men's Gel-Beyond 5 Volleyball Shoes

Asics Men’s Gel-Beyond 5 Volleyball Shoes
Adaptable, Stable, and Functional

With a classic lace-up design and an open mesh upper, this shoe gives your feet plenty of room to breathe. The personalised heel fit conforms naturally to your heel and combined with the 2 layers of memory foam, it creates a fit nothing less than exceptional. Durability was kept in mind by the designers as well, however, with the SpEVA™, 55 midsole lasting material and rhynoskin moulded component. It also helps for specific foot types in order to improve guidance and fit. To achieve the best stability and comfort possible, the designers attached the California slip lasting upper directly to the midsole. To prevent breakdown, SpEVA™ material is used, decreasing the level of bounce back your experience. Of course, the GEL® cushioning system is placed in both the rear and the front parts of the shoe to ensure minimized shock when impact occurs. The patented NC Rubber® outsole is also another reason why this shoe has such great traction on the court. The structural integrity of this shoe is rock solid as well, preventing you from rolling your ankle thanks to the Trusstic system®

  • Material: Synthetic/Manmade
  • Weight: 316g (11.1oz)
  • Drop: n/a
3 - Asics Men's Gel-Hunter 3

Asics Men’s Gel-Hunter 3
Breathable, Efficient, and Durable

The Gel-Hunter 3 series from Asics is perfect for the badminton courts thanks to its Guidance Trusstic™ which ensures high gait efficiency. The midsole is designed with SpEVA™ to cut down on energy loss, while the AHAR+ Material used for cushioning provides enhanced ride and durability as well. This shoe really allows the feet to breathe during long sessions on the court thanks to the synthetic leather upper combined with an open breathable mesh. It also uses a resin/PGuard rubber compound and features a lace-up closure. The Rearfoot GEL® cushioning system allows players to main the intense pace required to dominate their opponents wherever the game goes, without getting sore feet.

  • Material: Synthetic/Mesh
  • Weight: 335g (11.8oz)
  • Drop: 10mm

Ladies’ shoes

4 - Yonex Women's Power Cushion 35

Yonex Women’s Power Cushion 35
Affordable, Comfortable, and Lightweight

The Yonex is for ladies who want to get an edge on the competition without breaking the bank. Perfect for the Badminton courts, this shoe offers an extremely supportive fit. The polyester mesh and polyurethane upper keeps your foot fresh and cool from start to finish. Feel free to play as hard as you want in these, thanks to the cushioned EVA midsole and Power Cushion technology. Every step you take will be buoyed by energy injection and shock absorption, perfect the heat of intense competition. Stability is also designed for, with Ergoshape technology allowing for a more stable toe and forefront area. This shoe is solid all the way down to the soles, which are made from rubber that guarantees smooth footwork and all-around support thanks to its Round Sole Technology.

  • Weight: n/a
  • Material: Synthetic
  • Drop: n/a
5 - Asics Women's Gel-Rocket 8

Asics Women’s Gel-Rocket 8
Resilient, Flexible, and Outstanding Traction

The Gel-Rocket 8 for women is a shoe that allows ladies to go their absolute hardest on the court without worrying about hurting themselves or their feet. The Forefoot GEL® cushioning system massively reduces shock during the impact phase, while extra stability and comfort are added by the California Slip Lasting Upper which is attached directly to the midsole. You’ll never have to worry about slipping or marking up the court thanks to the NC Rubber® outsole, which provides much better natural traction than other outsoles. The sock liner is also removable, for those who prefer to go without. The structural integrity is also bolstered by the Trusstic® system, ensuring a stable fit that helps prevent ankle injuries.

  • Weight: 266.5g (9.4oz)
  • Material: Synthetic/Textile
  • Drop: n/a
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