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Babolat’s new range of tennis rackets have left the market speechless, but do not take our word for it. The amount of top professional players endorsing these products is insane, from Andy Roddick to Garbine Muguruza. If you are looking to get on the court with an exceptional racket, then this is the guide for you. We have the answers to all the questions you may have about the Pure Drive, Pure Strike, and Pure Aeros, all you need to do is keep reading.

The Pure Drive Series:

Babolat Pure Drive


The creation of three key technologies has given the Pure Drive series a greater power and control advantage. These three technologies are FSI Power, Cortex Pure Feel, and Elliptic Geometry.

Something rare about this racket is that even though it is designed for competitive players, the sweet spot is significantly larger, giving the player more control. The tremendous dampening technology used for vibrations is so effective and aids in giving the player extra comfort.

Added to this, the racket gives and efficient transfer of power from their swing to the ball. The elliptical shape makes the frame more rigid and torsion-free. This results in a higher impact force. The Pure Drive series is seen as being very modern, because of its design and playing feel. This, along with other features, is why top players such as Albert Ramos Vinolas and Garbine Muguruza have instilled trust in the Pure Drive Tennis Rackets.

The Pure Aero Series:

Babolat Pure Aero


This series of tennis rackets were enhanced by a new aerodynamic frame and FSI spin technology. The benefits of the FSI spin technology are that you can immediately feel a quicker head speed. In this occurring, faster ball speed is generated.

Added to this, the new aerodynamic frame provides an increased lift for greater spin potential. Another technology created for this series is Aeromodular2. This provides the technology to improve the aerodynamics for faster racket speed. Thereby, more speed is created through the air, as the frame is optimized and wind resistance is decreased thanks to the integration of the Woofer system and Cortex inside the frame.

All these features combined together make this racket a dynamic machine on the court. However, do not take our word for it. Some important names in the tennis world have recommended the Pure Aero Series by testing it out on Babolat’s in-house Tennis Express Court.

The Pure Strike Series:

Babolat Pure Strike


The newest Pure Strikes were engineered to be an ideal option for ‘first-strike’ players that need an amazing racket with substantial power, along with amplified responsiveness to help increase the precision of every shot made.

This modern racket is fast and offers great power while still offering a connection to the ball so that you can find the corners, carve the angles, and paint the lines. The use of Hybrid Frame technology sets this racket apart from all the rest and creates a unique combination of power and control. The Pure Strike is a racket that comes around the body easily and allows you to increase the racket through contact. The use of fast swings leads to more pace and spin.

When using the Pure Strike series, you will find a nice, controllable level of power so that you can flirt with the baseline even on bigger swings. This series has ample pop to help dispatch short balls and volleys. The Pure Strike has a controlled level of power unlike that of the Pure Drive and Pure Aero series, which encourages you to be aggressive with your targeting. This can be the reason as to why top tennis players like Dominic Thiem and Elena Vesnina use this series of rackets for professional use.


The Aero Series:

Babolat Aero G


The Aero G range is designed with similar cosmetic stylings to the Pure Aero range that is spearhead by Rafael Nadal.

The range is perfectly engineered to accommodate both beginner and intermediate players that are looking for a high-performance racket that is easier to add spin. Along with this, the racket is an ideal fit for anyone looking to improve their tennis skills at a rapid pace.

The Aero Game Series is made from 100 per cent graphite which makes the racket extremely durable and the construction incredibly stable. The head size is larger which allows for a greater sweet spot to be formed, aiding in the increase in control. The use of Woofer technology also provides greater control with a sensation of comfort. The aerodynamics of the racket is extraordinary thanks to the use of AeroModular technology for a faster swing, greater spin, and improved control over the ball.

The Pulsion Series:

This particular racket offers the player confidence when on the tennis court. This is due to the combination of flexible Graphite composition and oversized head size with a large sweet spot that is lightweight and easy to control.

All these features allow developing players to take accurate and precise shots without the necessary skills needed to achieve these types of shots. The use of the Cortex Dampening System helps in transmitting very useful information to the player while the handle design brings that information closer to the player’s hand allowing for perfect control on every hit. The vibrations caused by contact with the racket and ball on minimized thanks to the Cortex’s vital technology.

The Evoke Series:

The Evoke series is the ideal choice for young adults who play tennis recreationally. The benefits to the player are vast. However, some benefits come from the use of magnesium and aluminium.

The aluminium gives the racket’s frame sturdiness while the magnesium brings a lighter weight aiding in providing comfort and manoeuvrability. The large head size allows for a large sweet spot to be formed. This offers increased power and makes the shots more precise even when you do not hit the ball in the centre of the racket head. The Cortex Dampening System helps in providing a more comfortable feel to the player while hitting the ball. In doing this, vibrations are minimized during play.

The Drive Series:

Babolat Drive G

The Drive series has been engineered for players that are either beginner or intermediate level. The range of rackets all come designed with the Woofer system.

This is the most effective frame-string link system for a 25 per cent longer ball to string contact time, allowing for greater control, as well as a sensation of comfort to be felt by the player. The use of Woofer grommets helps in making the rackets even more aerodynamic. Not only does this allow the player to benefit from a faster swing, greater spin on the ball, and improved control on the ball, but it also increases the ball pocketing and trampoline effect.

The rackets are designed to have a Cortex Dampening System. In having this, the racket is able to minimized vibrations caused by contact of the ball and the racket. This makes for a more comfortable playing experience for the player. With this, the technology transmits useful information to the player while the handle brings that information into closer contact with the player’s hand, which allows for perfect control on every hit.

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