The Babolat Strike 16X19 Review


This Pure Strike range of tennis racquets is endorsed by Dominic Thiem, who is seen by some as the biggest hitter. In contrast to the Aero or Drive series racquets, the Pure Strike range has a unique beam construction and is designed to deliver sharp control. If you are an advanced player that is looking for a new racquet that will give them great spin, control, and stability, then you have come to the right place. We have done all the research for you to better understand why the Pure Strike 16 x 19 is so highly recommended. For all this information and more, keep reading.

What Are The Specifications?

Length: 27 in 69 cm
Head Size: 98 sq in 632 sq cm
Weight: 11.3 oz 320 gm
Balance Point: 13 in 33 cm 4 pts Head Light
Construction: 21mm/23mm/21mm
Composition: Graphite
String Pattern: 16 Mains / 19 Crosses


Babolat Strike 16X19


Control Frame Technology:

The use of Control Frame technology gives innovation to the Pure Strike series. The racquet employs a hybrid beam that combines the stability and precision of a square shape while having the punch of an elliptical design. The Pure Strike is more control-orientated which is contrary to the Pure Drive and Pure Aero frames that dial up the power and spin. With that being said, the internal testing shows that the Pure Strike beats the Pure Drive and Pure Aero when it comes to shot command.

Pure Feel FSI Power Technology:

When designing this racquet, Babalot partnered with SMAC. SMAC is a company that specializes in the production of high-performance dampening materials. In doing this, the partners came up with a substance that will soak up shock at impact. This newly-designed technology has already been introduced in the Pure Drive and Pure Aero series, and now takes its place within the Pure Strike series. It is dubbed the C2 Pure Feel and is the latest generation of the vibration filtration system designed to improve the overall responsiveness at contact with the ball. Added to this, the FSI Power Technology gives the racquet a more spin-friendly feel by increasing the spacing between the string in the top of the racquet.

Final Thoughts:

In using these great technologies to make the racquet, the overall design of the racquet comes together to provide an excellent blend of classic feel and modern manoeuvrability. Although the Pure Strike 16X19 is seen as one of the lightest racquets in the series, it is still quite heavy at nearly 12 oz. In mentioning this, it makes it perfect for advanced players that are seeking the added stability and power that comes with having a heavier racquet.

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