The Babolat Pure Aero Review

Babolat Pure Aero


This range of Babolat tennis rackets is spearheaded by non-other than one of the top professional tennis players in the world, Rafael Nadal. The range lives up to its reputation and comes highly recommended by many professionals in the tennis world. Still not convinced? Well, do not fear as we have all the information as to why this series of rackets are so great. After you read this, you will have no reason at all to not put this item on your wishlist.

What Are The Specifications?

Head Size: 10 in2 624 cm2
Length: 27 in 68,5 cm
String Weight: 318 grams 11,2 oz
Unstrung Weight: 300 grams 10,6 oz
Balance: 32,99 cm 4 pts HL
Unstrung Balance: 32 cm 7 pts HL
Swingweight: 324
String Pattern: 16 Mains/19 Crosses


Babolat Pure Aero


Aero Modular 3 Frame:

Thanks to the use of AeroModular technology, the Babolat Aero Series is considered to be one of the most aerodynamic tennis rackets in the world. Using this technology, you will benefit from a faster swing, greater spin on the ball, and significantly improved control on the ball. This is a result of air penetration being rated at +15 percent and better air resistance. As a result, there is increased racket head-speed throughout the entire swing pattern. This consistently produces sharper, cleaning shots and in turn, more powerful serves, more penetrating groundstrokes, and crisper volleys. Along with this, the unique racket boom is shaped like a wing to cut down on drag. This series of rackets are designed to improve speed and tennis racket manoeuvrability.

Cortex Pure Feel:

The Cortex Dampening System is used to transfer useful information to the player while the handle design brings that information closer to the player’s hand for perfect control on every hit. This technology has been vital to Babolat in minimizing vibrations during play.
Powered by SMAC, Cortex Pure Feel has taken Babolat’s signature technology to the next level. SMAC is an innovative French aerospace company that specializes in vibration analysis. SMAC’s innovations are now being incorporated into tennis rackets, where they were previously primarily used for aeroplanes and space shuttles. This dynamic dampening technology is placed in the racket head to provide the best possible feel, unrivalled comfort, and excellent sound.

Carbon Ply Stabilizer:

Powered by Chromarat, Carbon Ply Stabilizer is a new generation of high-performance carbon-fibre technology. Chromarat is a French industrial group that’s main focus is on continuously innovating composite materials for automotive, aeronautics, and marine construction. The carbon fibre material is fairly new when being used in tennis, however, it is highly utilized in sports such as biking, skiing, and windsurfing. In addition to this, the 2019 Pure Aero racket series is instilled with more control, precision, and stability in every shot.

Final Thoughts:

The updated version of the Aero Pure features a softer, and more comfortable feel while offering better control. However, you should not worry as the racket is still able to maintain the Aero’s hallmark easy power and spin even if there is more control instilled in the design of the racket. It is also extremely versatile as it can suit the playing of a strong beginner and advanced player, to anything in between.

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