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We started this Tennis and Squash blog as a way to connect with the athletes and fanatics of racket sports, who are looking for reviews on the latest cutting-edge equipment, with some news from the world of rackets sports, as well as tips on how to improve your game. From our humble beginnings, we are looking to turn the Tennis and Squash blog into an authority on all things related to racket sports and we’d like you to be a part of it!

Our equipment reviews will cover all things related to playing racket sports such as Tennis, Squash and Badminton. We let you know the best rackets to use for tennis, the best squash shoes to wear, and the best shuttlecocks for playing badminton. Don’t go through buyer’s remorse the next time you purchase equipment. After checking out our reviews, you’ll be confident that your next equipment purchase will be a good one.

The guides and tips section has information on how to master and improve your game. Whether you want to learn how to serve an ace in tennis, how to grip your racket properly, or how to deal with a serve and volley player, we have tips to show you how. No matter if you are playing for fun on the weekends, or you are a competitive racket sports player, you’ll find something useful in our tips and guides section. Be prepared to reach the next level of your game after reading our tips.

The news and information sections keep you current with all the happenings within the world of racket sports. Whether it’s the latest results from Wimbledon, the movements in current player rankings or who had the largest career earnings this year, we’ve got you covered. Don’t miss out on a thing on anything racket sport related. Stay up to date by reading our news section.

So be sure to check out all sections of our website and take part in the conversation by leaving a comment in the comment section!

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Mark Bailey


 I’m Mark Bailey. I’ve been in the racket sports industry for 11 years and counting! You could say I’m a bit of a racket guru. I have experience with tennis, squash, badminton and table tennis at an international level. My blog is all about providing you with tips to improve your game as well as sharing my experiences from different tournaments around the world. In addition to this, when there’s snow on the ground (in winter) I like to take advantage of it by going snowboarding in France! And even when there’s not any snow left… My Labrador Rocky always needs walking!

– The Tennis and Squash Blog Staff

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